CW Lasers and Modules

CW Lasers and Modules

RPMC Lasers offers a wide selection of Continuous Wave (CW) Lasers and Diode Modules. This page includes all our CW DPSS Lasers, CW Fiber Lasers, and our CW Laser Diode Modules and Turn-key Systems.  CW Lasers and Modules are available in the UV, Visible, and Near Infrared (IR) Wavelengths. And many are available in either a free space or fiber coupled output.

Applications include Microscopy, Holography, Raman Spectroscopy, Optogenics, and many more. Use the filters along the left side to narrow the number of lasers to your requirements. More details on the filters at the bottom of the page.

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To narrow your Laser Selections, use the filters along the left side of the page:

Type – This filter will narrow your search to just Lasers or Modules that are Laser Diode, DPSS Laser or Fiber Laser.  You can also use this filter if you need a multi-wavelength laser combiner.

  • Diode Modules use a laser diode as the laser source.
  • DPSS Laser modules use laser diodes as the pump source for a laser crystal.
  • Multi Wavelength Modules merge multiple laser sources into a single unit with individual and independent control for each laser in an easy to use interface.
  • Fiber Lasers use an optical fiber as the gain medium.

Mode – The mode filter is primarily used to define the type of laser diodes used in the laser diode modules.

  • Multimode modules utilize a multimode laser diode which offers higher output power, but the beam characteristics are not as good. Multimode Green DPSS Lasers are also available.
  • Single Mode Modules include the single mode laser diode modules, both stabilized and un-stabilized, single-mode fiber lasers, and the DPSS Laser Modules. Single mode modules offer the best beam characteristics.

Wavelength Selection – If an exact wavelength is not needed, this filter groups the lasers by wavelength. Options include UV, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and IR wavelengths.

Power Selection –  This filter will select the lasers with the output power you select.

Output – This filter defines either a free space or fiber coupled output. Your application may determine whether you need a fiber or free space beam.

  • Free Space Modules typically have a collimated beam.
  • Fiber Coupled Modules have a fiber output and the divergence from the fiber is usually either 0.22NA or 0.15NA. The fiber may be detachable from the module.

Wavelength – Select the exact wavelength needed.

CW Power – Select the exact output power needed.

Narrow Linewidth – The filter will select the Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) DPSS lasers and stabilized laser diode modules with a locking feature (either DFB or External Cavity) that locks the wavelength to a narrow linewidth.

Coherence Length – SLM Lasers typically have a coherence length >50m and Stabilized Laser Diode modules typically have a coherence length of >1m.

Manufacturer – If you are needing a laser or module from a specific manufacturer, this filter will narrow your search.

Application – If you need a laser or module for a specific application, this filter may be a good start.  Many lasers and modules are used in different applications and although we try to get all lasers that may be used for an application, this is very difficult to do.  If the required specifications are known, some of the other filters more focused on the specifications may get better results.