Femtosecond Lasers

Femtosecond Lasers Overview

Femtosecond Lasers
Cold ablation of a match head

Femtosecond (fs) lasers are ultra-short pulse width lasers (10-15s), generated through a process known as mode locking.  Mode-locked lasers utilize phase locking to interfere a large number of lasing modes together in such a way as to cause the generation of ultrafast laser pulses.  As a result of having such short pulse widths, femtosecond lasers have incredibly high peak powers typically in the MW to GW range.   The high peak power and short pulse widths of femtosecond lasers are ideal for a wide range of applications especially for non-linear spectroscopy, second harmonic generation (SHG), and micromachining.

Pulsed Lasers that produce less than 10 picoseconds pulses belong to the category of ultrafast lasers or ultrashort pulse lasers.  Ultrafast Lasers are ideal for the cold ablation of any material, including metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, coatings, glass, plastics, diamonds, and PET. Ultrafast lasers can even operate on layered substrates. Cold ablation allows for material to be removed without heating the residual matter. Thus, femtosecond fiber lasers will not produce heat affected zones, splatter, or significant recast. Additionally, these lasers will eliminate the need for any post-processing.

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ALCOR is the most advanced femtosecond fiber laser emitting at 920 nm or 1064 nm specifically designed for multiphoton microscopy instrumentation and industrial OEM integration, working with 24/7 operations, in an ultra-compact, robust and air-cooled format. Featuring the Alcor 920 4W, with the highest average power commercially available, as well as the XSight and FLeXSight external modules, allowing for fine and fast gating and power control, and GDD precompensation.




ALTAIR is the perfect fit for all deep excitation applications like multi-photon microscopy, with 1 µm wavelength, up to 20W average power output, and 1.5MW of peak power, it offers many benefits for bioimaging, including lower scattering and deeper penetration. Integrating state of the art, high-power, fully packaged fiber amplifiers, and pulse management, ALTAIR has remarkable pulse quality and high average power, is maintenance-free, ultra-compact, and robust.




DIADEM is a compact, air-cooled, high energy ultrafast laser for advanced micro-machining applications that require short femtosecond pulse widths. The Diadem is available with up to 40µJ of pulse energy, 30W of average power, and operation up to 1MHz (standard), with pulses below <400 fs and an M² < 1.2. This laser has been specifically designed for demanding medical implantable device and electronics manufacturing as well as high peak power optogenetics applications.

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