Raman Probes

RXXXXP-EC-AB-XXX-WD-DWRPMC Lasers is proud to offer an ultra-high throughput integrated Raman probe. These novel devices includes an integrated wavelength stabilized laser source with Raman filter packs, beam shaping optics, and high-efficiency Raman spectra collection optics. The probe interfaces with any fiber coupled spectrometer and simplifies operation and set-up.

This Integrated Probe incorporates our wavelength stabilized hybrid external cavity laser (HECL) with a proprietary optical design to offer unmatched performance (typically 3x -5x over traditional probes) at a reasonable price.

RPMC’s Integrated Raman probes also come complete with a UL/CE, and IEC compliant control box providing a variety of power control options including TTL, analog, and USB.

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Filters Reset


Wavelength Selection

Power Selection

Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W)
Integrated Probe R0785 Raman Probes 785 0.350
RXXXXP-EC-AB-XXX-WD-DW RXXXXP-EC-AB-XXX-WD-DW Raman Probes 405, 532, 638, 785, 808, 830, 1064 0.350