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World’s Smallest OEM Laser Sources for Portable, Handheld Applications

Integrated Optics_MatchBox_Matches Size

We provide a huge range of configurations for the ‘World’s Smallest’ DPSS & Diode Lasers and Multi-Wavelength Combiners. These products, with an OEM dedicated design, are part of the MatchBox Series, aptly named as these ultra compact modules are approximately the size of a traditional matchbox. The low cost, lightweight & ultra-compact footprint, USB power, and other features, make these lasers and multi-wavelength combiners perfect for any kind of portable, handheld applications, whether out in the field, or for efficient and convenient use in the lab, receiving center, incoming inspection, or anywhere you need to work.


The MatchBox series of DPSS and Diode Lasers, was originally designed as a compact, all-in-one laser source for Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, LiDAR, and other portable applications. The ultra-compact, air-cooled MatchBox series is one of the smallest stabilized laser sources on the market today with dimensions of only 50 mm x 30 mm x 18 mm. These modules are available at wavelengths ranging from 405nm to 1064nm with outputs powers as high as 500 mW, in either multi-mode (MM), single mode (SM), or single longitudinal mode (SLM) configurations with free-space, or fiber-coupled beam delivery options. The lasers utilized in these modules are perfectly suited for use in the Multi-Wavelength Combiners. The newly revamped MatchBox series of Multi-Wavelength combiners (detailed in this blog) is widely configurable and has a large selection of wavelengths and output types. A redesigned Break-out-Box (BoB) accessory provides more functionality and durability when used in scientific setups. SM and PM fiber coupling, with more than 50% fiber coupling efficiency, is finally available as well. You can select up to 4 wavelengths from 405nm, 450nm, 488nm, 520nm, 638nm, 660nm, 785nm, 830nm, 850nm, 975nm, 1064nm. With many wavelength options, you choose the precise combination for your application.

Handheld-Portable Raman vs Traditional Bulky Tabletop Raman

When manufacturing a fully functional handheld device, every square inch of space, every extra gram of weight, and every extra unit of power draw can be critical to the success or failure of your design. These modules have a total volume of ≈ 1.7 cubic inches, a typical weight of ≈ 0.12kg (≈ 4.23oz), and a low overall power draw, requiring 5VDC (5A for DPSS, 1.5A for Diode – up to 200mW). The all-in-one design of the MatchBox series ensures that you get all the functionality you need, in an extremely low profile and lightweight unit, powered by USB, perfect for integration into portable, handheld, battery-operated devices. With such a small footprint and lightweight, low power draw design, you will have all the room you need to fit other critical components into your system, while maintaining an easy to manage device, with long battery life. This means the end-user can easily perform more tests in the field, without having to return to the lab for analysis. Furthermore, these rugged, robust, and reliable devices are designed to withstand rough conditions in the field, while maintaining a high level of performance. The image to the right illustrates the size difference between traditional, bulky, table-top Raman systems, and convenient, handheld, portable Raman devices.

Raman Spectroscopy is a great application example: perfect for identifying unknown substances. A portable Raman Spectrometer allows the end-user to be free from the laboratory. No more leaving your work area, or waiting for results from the lab. Now they have the tools they need, when and where they need them, to keep productivity up. Whether at a pharmaceutical lab, verifying drugs and their chemical components to what is labeled on the box, or in a forensics lab identifying unknown substances and various narcotics, having a portable Raman Spectrometer on hand with the ability to measure these substances through their transparent packaging can make all the difference. Pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement, hazmat teams, petrochemical/oil companies, and many other entities can save time, money, effort, and mitigate risk with an easy-to-use, portable device like this, which is good news for everyone.

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