Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes Overview

Laser Diodes

RPMC Lasers offers one of the broadest wavelength selections of Semiconductor Laser Diodes available. Our Diode Laser products include multimode laser diodes, single mode laser diodes, laser diode bars and stacks, quantum cascade laser diodes, superluminescent laser diodes and VCSELS. We also offer narrow linewidth laser diodes utilizing DFB and VBG.  We offer fiber coupled options on most devices and complete systems if preferred.

Laser Diodes are available in the UV, violet, blue, red, and IR wavelengths.  The output power ranges from mWs on the single-mode laser diodes, to watts in the multimode emitters and VCSELS, to multi KW on the laser diode bar and multi-emitter fiber-coupled modules and systems.

There are many different packages to choose from and if you do not see the package type needed, we offer many custom packages.

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Wavelength Selection

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The following list includes all Series which offer Pulsed Lasers. Select one to see products filtered by that Series.

BDL Series

BDL Series

The BDL Series is a high power direct diode turn-key system available in wavelengths of 915nm or 976nm. This easy to integrate, OEM laser diode module provides up to 3kW of power and unprecedented brightness.

EP Series

EP Series

The EP series is a tunable single-frequency diode laser available in wavelengths from 1270nm thru 2300nm. Utilizing Eblana’s proprietary discrete-mode (DM) technology ensures excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR), without the mode hops inherent to most distributed feedback (DFB) lasers.

HL Series

HL Series

The HL Series of laser diodes are available in a wide range of wavelengths from violet to red and infrared in support of a broad range of applications. These applications include display, medical, biosciences, industrial tools (sensor, leveler), machine vision, scanners, printers and a myriad of other applications being developed in the industry.

JDL Series

JDL Series

The JDL Series of unmounted laser diode bars are available in CW or QCW configurations in wavelength from 760nm – 1064nm. Various emitter configurations and cavity lengths are available offering up to 200W CW and 500W QCW output powers.

JOLD-FC Series

The JOLD-FC Series of high quality high power fiber coupled laser diode bar products are offered in wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm and 30W to 400W output power.

JOLD Open Heatsink Series

The JOLD-Open Heatsinks Series of high quality high power laser diode bar products are offered on a range of open heatsinks including the CS, CN, and LK package. Wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm.

JOLD Stack Series

The JOLD-Stacks Series of high quality high power laser diode bar stacks are available with actively (microchannel) cooled or conductively cooled. Wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm.

K Series

K Series

The K Series of multiple single emitter fiber coupled diode lasers are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1550nm with up to 300W output powers. These multi-emitter high power and high brightness diode lasers include options for aiming beam, photo detector, TEC, fiber detector, thermistor and a variety of package types.

LDX Series

LDX Series

The LDX-FC Series of high power multimode fiber coupled laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.


LDX-Bar Series

The LDX-FC Series of high power multimode fiber coupled laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.

LTC-OSE Series

LTC-OSE Series

The LTC-OSE series from Luxmux, trade named BeST-SLED®, can be configured with up to 6 super luminescent diodes and driver circuitry, into a single 32 pin butterfly package. This reliable, cost-effective, rugged broadband light source produces overlapping spectral coverage from 1230nm to 1730nm, generating up to 19 spectral combinations, and average powers up to 50mW. The LCT-OSE series is suitable for direct integration into existing OEM products for Optical Coherence Tomography, Optical Sensing, White Light Interferometry and others.


QCL Series

The QCL series is a high power pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser based on proprietary technology which incorporates high-powered diodes (typically watt-level) emitting in the main transmission bands of the atmosphere (4.0µm, 4.6µm, 4.8µm, 9.x µm). The ITAR free MirSense technology exhibits outstanding performance in terms of power and wall-plug efficiency. This high-performance QCL assembly takes full advantage of MirSense’s state of the art technologies.

R Series

R Series

The R series of wavelength stabilized single mode and multimode laser diodes offer narrow wavelength spectrum in wavelengths from 633nm thru 1064nm. Package options range from components as basic as a TO-56 or 14-pin BF packaged diodes, to OEM modules including electronics, to UL/CE and IEC certified turn-key systems.

SM Series

SM Series

The SM Series of high power single mode laser diodes in wavelengths of 795nm – 1064nm, are available in a wide range of output powers up to 450mW and package types ranging from chip on submount to 9mm package.


TG Series

The TG Series of laser diodes emit in the spectral range from 420nm up to 460 nm with a typical output power of 50mW and an absolute maximum output power of 100mW. Assembled in a 5.6 mm (TO-56) packages the TG series is a suitable for a wide range of OEM applications that require blue/violet light.

VD Series

The VD Series of Vertical Cavity, Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) emitters, and arrays are available in a wide range of output powers in wavelengths of 850nm and 940nm.  Standard options include VCSEL, VCSEL w/ Diffusor, VCSEL & PD w/ Diffusor, and pulsed VCSELs.  These low-cost lasers are ideal for a wide range of consumer products.

Our Products

The search filters to the left can allow you to better sort through the wide range of Laser Diodes offered at RPMC to find the one which is best suited for your application, or you can talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227.


To narrow your Laser Diode Selections, use the filters along the left side of the page:

Type – This filter will narrow your search based on the physical emitting area of the laser diode.

  • Single emitters can be multimode or single mode laser diodes, they have a single emitter emitting light.
  • Multi-emitters include devices that utilized multiple single emitters in the package, usually fiber coupled.
  • An Array or laser diode bar includes multiple emitters in a single substrate. Laser diodes bars can have 10 to 50 emitters and are typically 1 cm long.
  • Stacks use laser diode bars built up, either vertically or horizontally, in the single package. Microchannel cooling is often used in laser diode bar stacks.
  • VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) emit light perpendicular to the mounting surface as opposed to the parallel to the mounting surface like edge emitting laser diodes.
  • Turn-key Systems include the laser diode, the optics, the thermal management, and the electronics required as a complete system that requires minimal setup time.

Mode – The mode filter is used to define mode emitting from the laser diode.

  • Single Mode laser diodes have a small emitter that limit the number of modes to one. Single mode laser diodes offer lower power, but much high brightness than multimode laser diodes.
  • Multimode laser diodes have a larger emitting area that offers higher power, but the beam characteristics are not as good.

Wavelength Selection – If an exact wavelength is not needed, this filter groups the lasers by wavelength. Options include UV, Violet, Blue, Green, Red and IR wavelengths.

Output – This filter defines either a free space or fiber coupled output. Your application may determine whether you need a fiber or free space beam.

  • Free Space – Most laser diodes have a fast axis and slow axis divergence, the exception is VCSELs. Collimating the light from a laser diode can be challenging. Fast axis collimating (FAC) lenses and/or Slow axis collimating  (SAC) lenses are available on some devices.
  • Fiber Coupled – The output from fiber-coupled laser diodes is typically 0.15NA – 0.22NA depending on the fiber used. Fiber Delivery can simplify and add flexibility to your design, with an added cost. Collimating the beam after the fiber is much easier than free space laser diodes.

Duty –  Defines the percentage of the time the laser diode will be operating.

  • CW (Continuous Wave) is operated full time. Typically for periods longer than milliseconds.
  • QCW (Quasi-CW) is operating with pulses typically in the microseconds, longer than nanoseconds and shorter than milliseconds.
  • Pulsed is used for pulse widths in the nanoseconds.

Technology – This filter selects the basic laser diode technology used.

  • Fabry-Perot is the basic edge emitting laser diode.
  • Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diodes have an internal grating which locks the wavelength.
  • Volume Bragg Grating laser diodes use an external grating to lock the wavelength.
  • VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) emit light perpendicular to the mounting surface as opposed to the parallel to the mounting surface like edge emitting laser diodes.

Wavelength – Select the exact wavelength needed.

CW Power – Select the exact output power needed.

Package – If you are needing a specific package type, this filter narrows your selection.

Package Cooling – All laser diodes require some sort of cooling.

  • Conductive Cooled devices will require mounting to a heatsink that will conductively remove the heat from the laser diode. Depending on the amount of waste heat, the heatsink may be very small and simple, or much more elaborate with water cooling.
  • Water Cooled devices have the water channels designed in and will require a connection to the appropriate water supply.

Narrow Linewidth – The filter will select the stabilized laser diodes with a locking feature (either DFB or External Cavity) that locks the wavelength to a narrow linewidth.

Manufacturer – If you are needing a laser diode from a specific manufacturer, this filter will narrow your search.