Multi Wavelength Combiners

Multi-Wavelength CombinersMulti Wavelength Combiners or laser beam combiners are available with up to 7 CW DPSS Laser or Laser Diode Modules.

L6Cc & L4Cc

The L6Cc and L4Cc laser beam combiners are the most compact and flexible all-in-one multi-color laser sources. Available with up to 7 laser lines input and delivery up to 4 optical fiber outputs. The modular design allows for a large choice of lasers from 375 nm up to 1064 nm and with output power up to 500 mW. The laser sources are Oxxius LaserBoxx platform. The extension modules provide the ultimate level of flexibility by integrating fast switching output ports for FRAP, adjustable split power for light sheet microscopy among other advanced functionalities.

The L6Cc and L4Cc are field upgradeable. Therefore, you can easily evolve as your needs change to preserve your investment. Furthermore, they are microprocessor controlled to provide unique features for demanding applications. The L6Cc and L4Cc are available in turnkey or OEM versions. The L6Cc is also available in high power version, integrating LBX-HPE sources with up to 1.2 W output power per line. Finally, it is coupled into a speckle-free multimode fiber.


Our MatchBox series boasts the World’s Smallest footprint for multi-wavelength combiners. Ideal for portable, handheld applications, these flexible, turn-key combiners, powered by USB, are perfect for integration into battery operated devices. With many wavelength options from Violet (405nm) to short-wave infrared (SWIR – 1550nm), including RGB options, you choose the precise combination for your application. For example, these RGB laser combiners pair perfectly with the MatchBox series of laser modules: Red wavelengths @ 633nm, 638nm, and 660nm, Green wavelengths @ 505nm, 515nm, 520nm, and 532nm, and Blue wavelengths @ 450nm, and 488nm.

We also offer Multi-Wavelength Detachable fiber-coupled Diode Lasers featuring a variety of wavelengths at 635nm, 808nm, 980nm or 1064nm and output powers from a 300mW to 10W.  These high-power, water-cooled, fiber-coupled laser diodes are ideal for applications in the Medical and Life Science markets.

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LXCc Series

R2Z3-L4Cc Combiner

The LXCc series is the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser combiner, with up to 7 laser lines, and up to 500mW output power per line. The turnkey or OEM versions allow a large choice of lasers from 375nm up to 1064nm. The extension module provides the ultimate level of flexibility with up to 4 optical fiber outputs, integrated fast switching output ports for FRAP, or adjustable split power for light-sheet microscopy.

Matchbox Series

R1Z4-Matchbox Laser

The Matchbox series offers excellent performance and reliability in an ultra-compact “all-in-one” integrated laser head.  They come standard with an integrated internal voltage up-conversion that allows using a 5V power supply while maintaining low noise operation. The monolithic design of the Matchbox Series laser includes thermally stabilized optics in a hermetically sealed housing, ensuring reliable and maintenance-free operation.  All the Matchbox series modules include a 12-month warranty and are RoHS compliant.  All of these features make them the ideal laser source for integration into commercial flow cytometers.