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As the biosciences have evolved and diversified over the past 50 years so have the laser application and technologies used within it.  Because of their early adoption of laser technology, the medical, biomedical, and life sciences have made rapid progress, including the complete mapping of the human genome.

On the research side of things, the most popular life science laser application is fluorescence.  Fluorescence has become so popular that it has been subdivided into a wide range of different applications, which each warrant their own field of study.  This includes but is not limited to flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, confocal fluorescence microscopy, and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy.  More recently ultra-fast lasers have become more prevalent in fluorescence microscopy enabling multiphoton excitation allowing users to create high-resolution fluorescence images of living cells, without damaging the cells in the process.

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An ultrafast femtosecond laser is an essential tool for two photon imaging. We have successfully integrated ALCOR laser with our Sonicc protein crystallization imaging system. ALCOR laser is well engineered, very reliable, and easy for OEM integration.”
<em>Eric Zhao</em>
“The Alcor 1064nm laser was easy to incorporate into our existing microscope, and it has allowed us to make great use of new red-shifted indicators for deep 2-photon imaging in the mouse brain.”
Michael J. Higley  MD, PhD


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Flow Cytometry

DNA Sequencing

Confocal Microscopy

Multi-Photon Microscopy


Fluorescence Lifetime

To see a full list of other applications RPMC lasers are used for please check out our applications page by clicking here.

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