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Our Process

Define Your Requirements

With nearly 30 years of experience providing the right laser at the best price, RPMC has the industry connections and technical knowledge to help you select the ideal laser for your application. Just let us know your unique performance requirements or let our team ask the right questions to get you what you need!

Find the BEST Laser

Once we understand what is important to you, we will try to find an off-the-shelf laser solution. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we will tell you who does. Then, if no solution is available, we can provide a cost-effective tailored solution to perfectly meet your needs – The RIGHT Laser at the BEST Price.

Success Awaits

Now, you sit back and relax, knowing that the exact right solution is on the way, backed by our impeccable support team. With rapid response times and high-quality support through the entire process, we will always be there for you if and when you need us. Just give us a call!

Ready to Accelerate?

If you already know the critical design specifications, budget, timelines, quantities, etc., you can start by filling out our overwhelming form that you definitely do not need all the answers for! Get Started HERE!

Our Commitment to You

Our goal is to provide the following:

  • Technical staff – in-depth product knowledge
  • Selection assistance – choosing the best laser for your application
  • Quality technical advice – permitting informed decisions
  • Responses to every inquiry – typically the same day
  • An attractive value proposition – the best laser at a fair price
  • High-quality support – through the entire process

How We Can Help You

Beam & Output Options:

Whether you need free-space or SM/MM/PM fiber-coupled output, single-mode or multimode, a specific wavelength, beam diameter/shape, or narrowed wavelengths, we can help!

Control & Modulation

Does your application require triggering or modulation, motorized power attenuation, isolators, or a mechanical shutter? Tell us the critical control features you need!

Beam Combiners:

Choose up to 7 wavelengths from UV to IR, optional extension module for up to 4 outputs, AOTF modulator, motorized ND filter, fast switching outputs, or adjustable split power.

Low Noise, SLM, MM Options

Do you need a low noise laser for Life Sciences, an SLM laser for Raman/Interferometry, or an MM laser where high output power is needed and beam quality is less critical? We have it!

Package Size & Options:

Do you need a plug & play setup for lab use, an OEM version for integration, or even the smallest CW module package on the market for portable & handheld applications?

Cooling & Other Options

From heatsink options including air or water-cooling to extended operating temperature ranges, we have the options to tailor a device to your exact specifications!

Need Custom Pulsed Lasers, Laser Diodes, or Amplifiers?

RPMC Lasers Offers a Wide Assortment of Custom Laser Capabilities:

  • Off-the-shelf configurable lasers, laser diodes, and modules
  • Optional add-ons – photodiodes, TEC, FAC lensing, harmonic generation, attenuators, and more
  • Customization of existing products – wafers, packages, form factor, cooling, and more
  • Completely custom laser systems designed to your exact specifications

banner of images including custom laser systems custom laser diode packaging custom optical fiber amplifiers and semiconductor wafers

Stay Informed

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