Laser Diode, Narrow Linewidth, 1678nm-1720nm

Key Features:

  • Available over multiple absorption bands (1678nm – 1720nm)
  • Narrow Linewidth (DFB-like performance)
  • Excellent spectral purity
  • Wide tunability and mode hop free performance
  • Long Lifetime – Telecom-grade
  • Free Space, Fiber-Coupled, and DX1 Module Options


There are many configurations and options available. If you do not see exactly what you need below, please contact us!


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Stabilized Laser Diode, SLM, 1685nm, 5mW, Fiber Coupled Butterfly Package, Photodiode, SMF w/ FC connector


4-8 weeks

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Stabilized Laser Diode, SLM, 1692nm, 5mW, Fiber Coupled Butterfly Package, Photodiode, SMF w/ FC connector


4-8 weeks

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Laser Diode, 1710nm, 5mW, Fiber Coupled Butterfly Package, Photodiode, SMF w/ FC connector


4-8 weeks

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The REP1678-1720 is a cost-effective, tunable, single-frequency laser diode designed for wavelengths between 1678nm and 1720nm. Choose any wavelength in this range.  For example, the REP-1692 is specifically designed for Hydrocarbon Compounds detection.

The REP1678-1720 diode laser uses a proprietary technology that produces a tunable single-frequency output with excellent SMSR, similar to traditional DFB lasers without the mode hops inherent to most DFBs, making them uniquely suited for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS).

Our proprietary manufacturing technology delivers industry-leading performance that allows us to produce custom designs at any wavelength in the NIR – MIR, with enhanced scalability, reproducibility, and superior performance. Compared to typical DFB lasers, the inherent narrow linewidth performance of the REP1678-1720 is ideal for trace gas sensing, environmental monitoring, LIDAR applications, and many other scientific and metrology projects. We can also help you realize any custom wavelength or package requirements with a proven track record of success.


REP1678-1720 Package Options

Here at RPMC Lasers, we offer a wide range of package configurations in order to meet your application, operating environment, and integration needs.  The table below provides you with a detailed list of all of the different packaging configurations available, or you can talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227.


14-pin Butterfly Module

The 14-pin butterfly package is designed with stability and ease of use in mind. Tested to Telcordia standards, it is the ideal package for thermal stability and fiber coupled integration.

Key features
  • Integral TEC
  • PM/SMF Coupled with FC/APC
  • Built-in Optical Isolator


TO-39 with TEC

The TO-39 incorporates an internal TEC for accurate wavelength control.  We have worked with industrial partners in order to design a free space package specifically for the gas sensing industry.

Key features
  • Integral TEC
  • Angled AR Coated Window
  • Free-space Design



The TO-56 package is tested to Telcordia standard and is RoHS qualified. Available with either a flat window or a ball lens and  is typically used for high volume communications applications.

Key features
  • Free-space Design
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Flat Window or 1.5 mm Ball Lens

High-speed 7-pin Butterfly

The high-speed and pulsing capabilities of DM and FP laser diodes can be fully exploited using the high-speed 7-pin butterfly, which incorporates a K-connector for modulation up to 10 GHz.

Key features
  • K-connector for High-speed Modulation
  • PM/SMF Coupled with FC/APC
  • Built-in Optical Isolator


DX-1 Module

The DX-1 incorporates the butterfly module with an integrated current driver and TEC controller. Designed for ease of operation, it is the ideal platform for high stability gas detection or remote sensing.

Key features
  • Integral Driver and TEC Controller
  • PM/SMF Coupled with FC/APC
  • Built-in Optical Isolator
  • Powered by 5 V DC Source


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