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What is the best laser for tattoo removal?

Multiphoton excitation requires high peak power pulses. Previously, wavelength tunable Ti:Sapphire lasers dominated this area, leading to the development of standard methods using a conventional pulse regime with… Read More

How do I align my optical system?

Laser alignment can be a challenging task, but aligning a laser beam doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem with the right optical alignment tools and proper laser alignment techniques. Multiple optical … Read More

What is the best laser for LIDAR?

There are actually numerous laser types that work well for various LIDAR and 3D Scanning applications. The answer comes down to what you want to measure or map. If your target is stationary, and distance is the only… Read More

How long will a laser diode last?

Honestly, it depends on several factors, and there is no simple chart to cover everything. Typical diode lifetimes are in the range of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Though, there are lifetime ratings outside this range, depending on the con… Read More

What is a laser diode?

A Laser Diode or semiconductor laser is the simplest form of Solid-State Laser. Laser diodes are commonly referred to as edge emitting laser diodes because the laser light is emitted from the edge of the substrate. The light emitt… Read More

What is a CW Laser?

A CW or continuous-wave laser is any laser with a continuous flow of pump energy. It emits a constant stream of radiation, as opposed to a q-switched or mode-locked pulsed laser with a pulsed output beam. A laser is typically d… Read More

What is a Pulsed Laser?

A pulsed laser is any laser that does not emit a continuous-wave (CW) laser beam. Instead, they emit light pulses at some duration with some period of ‘off’ time between pulses and a frequency measured in cycles per second (Hz)…. Read More

What type of laser is used for LIBS?

A laser source used for LIBS must have a sufficiently large energy density to ablate the sample in as short a time possible. Typically, pulsed DPSS lasers take center stage here. However, it’s been shown that pulsed fiber … Read More

What type of laser is best for Doppler LIDAR?

Various LIDAR signal methods for measuring velocity have one critical requirement in common, the need for precise control over laser frequency. While a wide variety of single-frequency lasers have been used in Doppler LIDA… Read More