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8/24/5300: Temperature Controller

What is a TEC Controller?

A TEC controller module houses all the necessary electronic components to enable the TEC (Peltier element) to maintain precise temperature control for the active cooling of laser diode devices.

TEC stands for thermoelectric cooler. Thermoelectric coolers can also be referred to as Peltier coolers or Peltier controllers and solid-state active heat pumps. A TEC utilizes the Peltier effect (or thermoelectric effect) as the method of heat transfer to manage the thermal load. The Peltier effect is the phenomenon of an electric current being applied to a thermocouple, transferring heat from one side to the other.

Typically, the laser diode package or housing is mounted to the cool side, while the side that heats up is mounted to a heatsink which dissipates this excess heat. Thermoelectric cooling temperature Controllers are critical for optimal laser diode performance. The TEC controller provides current and voltage to the TEC component and receives feedback from a temperature sensor to automatically maintain the desired temperature (set point).

Our TEC Controller Products

Our TEC temperature controllers are available in a range of configurations, such as desktop units, combo units including the laser diode driver, and modules for OEM integration applications with powers ranging from 28W to 960W. These TEC controllers offer very stable control and an easy-to-use interface (OEM configurations do not have a user interface).

All controllers include a built-in, adjustable DC power supply which can be used to power external fans, often found in test fixtures. The temperature controller interface provides full control over your heatsink, providing all the settings, limits, and adjustments of the instrument in an easy-to-use Windows application. You can connect to multiple devices and can mix and match the types of instruments controlled to fit your application.

RPMC Lasers has been providing laser diode TEC Controller solutions for over 25 years. We can help you easily sort through the options to get the right TEC for your laser diode.

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