RPMC Lasers Announces Exclusive Partnership with SemiNex Corporation

RPMC Lasers, Inc., the leading laser distributor in North America, is excited to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with SemiNex Corporation (https://seminex.com/), allowing us to offer their line of packaged indium phosphide (InP) laser diode modules from 1250nm to 1940nm. SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures high-power semiconductor infrared laser diodes and optical amplifiers that deliver superior thermal and electrical efficiencies as well as industry-leading optical out… Read More

RPMC Lasers Announces Exclusive Partnership with Perspectiva Solutions

RPMC Lasers Inc, the leading laser distributor in North America, is excited to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with Perspectiva Solutions (https://perspectivasolutions.com/), allowing us to now offer their line of HUARIS Laser Beam Profilers and AI-Powered Cloud Service. Perspectiva has focused on the development of reliable and scalable business solutions for any industry. They combine their extensive industry expertise and passion to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs of your company. Perspectiva Solutions also produces their own laser diagnostics related products under the brand name HUARIS. RPMC will now offer their 1 MP and 5 MP laser beam profilers, mobile tablet laser profilers, and their AI-powered, cloud-based analytics, diagnostics, and preventive maintenanc… Read More

RPMC Lasers Presents New Industrial and Life Science Products at SPIE Photonics West 2023

With the conclusion of another successful year for RPMC, it’s time when all eyes turn to Photonics West, the North American photonics industry’s most important trade show. RPMC has some exciting new products to introduce for the upcoming year. 

Visit us at Booth # 1843 from January 31st – February 2nd, 2023 at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco.
RPMC Lasers will be showcasing a wide range of laser products including many new and industry-leading enhancements to existing… Read More

RPMC Lasers Has Been Named One of the Top 10 Semiconductor Laser Companies of 2022

RPMC Lasers Has Been Named One of the Top 10 Semiconductor Laser Companies of 2022. Ask any professional in the semiconductor industry today about the biggest challenge companies face in this hypercompetitive marketplace. Their answer would likely reference increasing lead times. Affecting large and small organizations alike, today’s supply chains are riddled with issues, such as an ever-growing demand for various semiconductor types, lack of visibility into the operation, and shortcomings in manufacturing processes. Tackling these issues is difficult and expensive, often requiring the intervention of professionals with the right experience and connections in the industry, which is not easy… Read More

RPMC Lasers Will Exhibit at CYTO 2022 in Philadelphia

RPMC Lasers Inc. will be highlighting their wide selection of lasers at the ISAC’s annual CYTO conference in Philadelphia, PA from June 4th-7th. Through this conference, RPMC hopes to create new relationships with both OEM companies wanting to integrate a high-quality, reliable light source into their system and researchers and scientists looking to perform lab analysis. “We are really looking forward to seeing our clients and partners in person and forging new relationships within the cytometry world,” says Dean Micke, President of RPMC La… Read More

RPMC Lasers Announces Exclusive Partnership with Dausinger + Giesen

RPMC Lasers Inc, the leading laser distributor in North America, is excited to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with Dausinger + Giesen (https://www.dausinger-giesen.de/), allowing us to now offer their Thin-Disk Lasers and Thin-Disk Components. D + G provides leading edge thin disk laser components, such as thin disk gain media, thin disk pump modules, Pockels cells, and high-power optomechanics. They also provide high performance, versatile, fast & ultrafast thin disk lasers, regenerative amplifiers, linear amplifiers, demonstrators, prototypes and designs. As pioneers of thin disk technology, with Dr. Giesen credited with the invention of the thin disk laser, D + G owns multiple patents on thei… Read More

RPMC Lasers is Hiring to Expand its Sales Force!!

RPMC Lasers is looking to hire a dedicated, technical person to join our sales force! As North America’s largest laser distributor, our team is growing and we’d like to invite you to submit a resume and come talk to us about an exciting career in the laser… Read More

RPMC Now Offers Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs)!

RPMC is excited to announce a new product line! RPMC now offers Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs). VCSELs can act as a combination of LEDs and edge-emitting lasers (EEL). They combine many of the advantages of LEDs (such as surface emission, wafer-level testing and diverse packaging options) with the advantages of EELs (such as coherence, beam quality and efficiency). In some smart sensors, LEDs are not the optimal solution, and the packaging limitations of EELs make it impossible to … Read More

RPMC Now Offers SLEDs – Superluminescent Laser Diodes!

 LUXMUX, our newest exclusive partner, brings an exciting new product line to our already robust product portfolio! Through RPMC, LUXMUX now offers fiber-coupled, ultrawide spectrum, tunable BeST-SLED laser products, including their full line of both the BeST-SLED: Optical Spectral Engine (OSE), and the BeST SLED: Integrated Spectral Be… Read More

RPMC Now Offers HeNe and Argon-ion Lasers!

RPMC Lasers Inc. has just expanded its product portfolio by including a family of HeNe and Argon-ion gas laser products. These lasers are available in 543nm, 594nm, and 632.8nm, and offer a range of specifications, customizations, and power supply options! The HeNe lasers boast an excellent TEM00 beam, robust mechanical design, long service life of up to 30,000 hours, and are available in 543nm, 594nm, and 632.8nm wavelengths, with output powers from 0.5m… Read More

Recent Developments at Integrated Optics

For several years now, RPMC has been partnered with Integrated Optics (IO) in Lithuania to provide you with the world’s smallest turnkey lasers. Over the past eight years, IO has developed a proprietary optics assembly method based on robotics and unique software solutions. These developments have ensured the highest levels of consistency and performance, while minimizing the overall system cost. We are happy to announce that in 2019 IO has developed new in-house laser assembly workstations to ensure the highest scalability of manufacturing, complete process control, and a fast adaptation to custo… Read More

Apply Today at RPMC Lasers!

RPMC Lasers is growing, and with the company expanding we are looking for qualified individuals to become a part of our team. We currently have three open positions; laser sales professional, market/application specialist, and service manager. All of these positions will be located at our facilities in O’Fallon MO, about thirty minutes west of St. Louis,… Read More

Introducing our new catalog offering an expanded range of standard & custom Laser Diodes.

RPMC Lasers would like to introduce the new 35-page Laser Diode catalog from LDX Optronics. It has additional standard wavelengths and packages, complete drawings for all packages, and laser diode handling guidelines and precautions. Our management team has over five decades of combined experience in semiconductor laser manufacturing.  We emphasize quality and consistency in our manufacturing processes.  Each wafer receives extensively qualification and life testing, and each device undergoes a thorough burn-in prior to… Read More

Exclusive North American Distribution with The Bright Solutions Group

Here at RPMC Lasers we are excited to announce our exclusive North American distribution relationship with The Bright Solutions Group,  providers of state-of-the-art pulsed DPSS lasers.  For over 15 years we have worked closely with Bright Solutions, and with their recent restructuring, The Bright Solutions Group is expanding our exclusive distribution agreement to all four sister companies in … Read More

Exclusive global distribution renewed

RPMC Lasers is excited to announce the renewal of our exclusive distribution relationship with LDX Optronics. LDX specializes in high power diode lasers, & for over 20 years we have worked together to provide customers with widest selection of diode wavelengths and packaging confi… Read More