Aesthetics Lasers

Aesthetics Lasers Overview


Aesthetics Lasers, for applications varying from laser hair removal to scar tissue reduction, are one of the largest sectors in the medical laser industry. Typically, these lasers operate in the near-infrared region due to the low absorption of hemoglobin and water in comparison to melanin between 700 nm and 1000 nm.  But for some applications such as laser tattoo removal or acne treatment visible lasers are used, and for collagen stimulation, longer wavelength lasers are often used.  Aesthetics lasers can be either q-switched or long-pulsed (modulated continuous-wave lasers) depending on if the goal is to cause ablation or localized heating.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the full range of aesthetics lasers we offer at RPMC, including high power laser diodes, flashlamp-pumped lasers, and fiber lasers.

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K Series of multiple single emitter fiber-coupled diode lasers are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1550nm with up to 300W output powers. These multi-emitter high power and high brightness diode lasers include options for aiming beam, photodetector, TEC, fiber detector, thermistor, and a variety of package types.



HL Series of laser diodes are available in a wide range of wavelengths from violet to red and infrared in support of a broad range of applications. These applications include display, medical, biosciences, industrial tools (sensor, leveler), machine vision, scanners, printers, and a myriad of other applications being developed in the industry.



LDX Series of high power multimode single emitter laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.




LDX-FC Series of high power multimode fiber-coupled laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.




WSLD series of laser diodes, from WaveSpectrum, are available in a wide range of wavelengths, power levels, and packages. The WSLD wavelength options span from 405nm to 1920nm, with output powers in the range of 20mW to several watts, packaged in standard C, E, and H-Mount packages, as well as a variety of TO-can options.


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