Photonics West 2018!

RPMC Lasers, Inc. will be exhibiting at Photonics West 2018 in San Francisco, CA January 27-February 1! Photonics West the world’s largest photonics technologies event. Every year over 20,000 attendees come to hear the latest research and find the latest devices and systems that use new technologies to enable advancements in translational biophotonics, global healthcare, understanding of the brain, new lasers for manufacturing, applications of 3D technologies, photonics-based consumer products, and more. Visit us at Photonics West 2018 Booth # 1731! RPMC Lasers strives to provide lasers at an affordable price as well as providing top notch customer service. Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and Laser Diode needs! Contact RPMC Lasers by Phone: 636-272-7227 or … Read More

Lasers for LIDAR

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing application that uses pulsed laser light to measure variable distances to the earth.  A LIDAR system typically consist to 4 main components; first a laser source; second scanner and optics; third photodetector and receiver electronics; and lastly position and navigation system.  The light generated from these laser sources as well as the information gathered from these other components are used to generate highly precise three-dimensional maps. A wide range of laser wavelengths, from the visible to near-IR, are used for LIDAR applications.  532nm to 1um wavelengths have cost benefits. But consequently can be hazardous to the eye if the beam is not expanded to an acceptable diameter that makes it compliant with eye-safe … Read More

Affordable DFB Laser Diodes

The Affordable DFB Laser Diode is a product series from RPMC Lasers.  Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers offer single mode emission and are available in wavelengths from 1270nm through 1610nm.  In addition the standard package is the fiber-coupled coaxial package and can also be supplied with a bracket for easy mounting.  The bracket is also an option and must be specified. Free space and fiber pigtailed versions available.  Most noteworthy these low-cost DFB lasers offer narrow linewidth laser diodes in a price range that is attractive to many applications. Affordable DFB Laser Diode Features: Wavelength – 1270nm – 1610nm Output power – 2mw Single mode Coaxial/Receptacle package Fiber-Coupled DFB LD with Single Mode Fiber Built-in Monitor 9um Fiber Core Fiber Connector options -FC/SC/ST/LC/MU … Read More

HFL and GFL 1.5um compact fiber lasers

HFL and GFL 1.5um compact fiber lasers are a series of compact, air-cooled fiber lasers at 1.5µm (1550nm). The GFL 1.5um Compact Fiber Laser: The GFL lasers utilize a compact design that will accommodate wide range of customer applications.  Available with average powers up to 2W and pulse widths from 500ps to 30ns and rep rates into the MHz regime.  Applications for the GFL series include LIDAR, range finding, 3D scanning and other eye-safe applications The HFL 1.5um Compact Fiber Laser: The HFL lasers, the slightly larger and higher power version, is ready for a wide range of customer applications. They are available with average powers up to 4W and pulse widths from 400ps to 50ns and rep rates into the MHz … Read More

Year-End Sale on Laser Measurement Meter/Sensor sets

LaserPoint has announced their Year-End Sale on Laser Measurement Meter/Sensor sets.  Contact RPMC for a list of the Meter/Sensor sets available and the special prices available. These special System Sets include the PLUS2 meter and our most popular sensors (customer’s favorites). We are offering special year-end pricing that is very attractive.  The aim is to continue increasing the brand awareness of LaserPoint, a leader in high power sensors in Europe. Additional benefits from LaserPoint LaserPoint previously announced their 3-Year Standard Warranty: all new products purchased are enjoying 36 months (3-year) Warranty.  This warranty is an extra benefit that goes beyond the standard warranty extensions or the so-called lifetime warranties, which have an equivalent time span and require extra costs for the customer. … Read More

Turn-Key Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

Direct Diode Laser System RPMC Lasers provides a complete, turn-key fiber coupled laser diode system suitable for material processing, medical therapeutics and also pumping solid-state laser media. Delivering up to 50W of diode laser into a 100~400um core fiber, the system makes it easy to develop new applications. With control over the operating temperature of the diode laser, as well as current and pulse width, the system offers flexibility and an also easy to use interface. In addition, the system can be controlled either by the front panel user interface or by a computer-controlled RS-232 interface. Turn-key Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Features: Up to 300W output power Air cooling Fiber delivery Red aiming beam (optional) Temperature control Compact design RPMC Lasers strives to … Read More

Fiber coupled Femtosecond Lasers

Diadem IR: Diadem IR-10, Diadem IR-20, & Diadem IR-30 Fiber Coupled Femtosecond Lasers produce high energy, femtosecond pulses (<400fs), in a compact and robust format. Offering a low total cost of ownership, high precision and ease of integration, the DIADEM is ideally suited for industrial applications such as glass engraving or micron-scaled features drilling/cutting used in a wide variety of market segments. DIADEM Key Features: Up to 30W at 1030 nm 400 fs pulses Up to 30 μJ @ > 1 MHz PRF range single shot to 1 MHz Burst mode, real Sync.-in M² < 1.2 Rugged design Maintenance free Worldwide warranty coverage 24 months From single shot to 1 MHz, it’s efficient, easy to use GUI allows for the fine-tuning of … Read More

L Type Module

The L Type Module incorporates RPMC’s proprietary Wavelength Stabilized Laser, which features high output power with narrow spectral bandwidth. The laser’s stabilized peak wavelength remains “locked” regardless of case temperature (10 to 35 deg. C). Devices can be spectrally tailored to suit application needs and offer side mode suppression ratios (SMSRs) better than 40 dB, thereby providing an extremely high signal to noise ratio and making these sources ideal for Raman spectroscopy and pump laser applications. The laser is integrated with high-performance laser drive and temperature control electronics and integrated into a fully turn-key UL/CE and IEC certified system with all safety features. In addition to benchtop functionality of the L type Module, the side panel can be opened and the “guts” … Read More

SPARK LASERS Receives Funding!

SPARK LASERS, French startup expert in compact, ultrafast lasers raises EUR 1 million towards Venture Capital funds in A series. SPARK Lasers Receives Funding! Bordeaux, September 27, 2017. The Bordeaux, France based start-up SPARK LASERS announces today it has achieved its A series for an amount of EUR 1 million. Recipient award of the i-LAB French innovation challenge sponsored by BPI (Public Investment Bank) in July 2017, the startup has dragged interest of two Paris based Venture Capital funds (Starquest and Gravitation) with assistance of the regional development agency ADI Nouvelle Aquitaine. Spark Lasers Founded in 2015 in Talence (Bordeaux outskirts, France) by Dr. Pascal Dupriez after 15 years working with leading laser and photonics companies. SPARK LASERS develops, manufactures and sells … Read More

Evolution Photonics, Inc. (EPI)

Evolution Photonics, Inc. (EPI) Evolution photonics aims to bridge the gap between ideas, technologies, and users by helping manufacturers developing products based on mid-­infrared technologies and by helping users understand the details of their application and select the right solution for their problems. The diverse applications of mid-­infrared optics and laser-­based systems hold great development potential for a number of technologies and their commercialization. Optical sensing, non-­invasive diagnostics, personal health, environmental monitoring both in industrial and home settings, and the underlying technologies that enable this essential part of our future interconnected infrastructure are becoming ubiquitous. A few of these technologies operate in the mid-­infrared region of the spectrum and leverage the extremely high sensitivity, eye-­safety, security, and real-­time nature of infrared light … Read More