Multi Wavelength Laser Combiner

  The L6Cc, L4Cc, and L2C are compact Multi Wavelength Laser Combiner systems, which integrate standard LaserBoxx modules, LCX DPSS and LBX laser diode. The modular design offers a large choice of laser lines with free space beam output or delivery through single or multiple PM fibers. It is field upgradable for cost-effective future extensions. Available in P&P or OEM versions, the Oxxius laser combiners come with Graphic User Interface software and are compatible with μManager.   Multi Wavelength Laser Combiner Benefits: – Up to 6 combined wavelengths – Proven long-term stability – Modular optical design – Comprehensive optical design for easy maintenance – Windows Graphic User Interface – Optional multiple outputs   Multi Wavelength Laser Combiner Key features: – Up to 500 … Read More

Biophysical Society 2018!

  RPMC Lasers will be exhibiting at the Biophysical Society 2018 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA   February 17 – 21! Visit us at Booth # 1000. Biophysical Society 2018: The World’s Largest Meeting of Scientists Working in the Field of Biophysics Interact face-to-face with over 6,500 decisions makers from international academic communities, industry, and government sectors. The meeting features symposia, workshops, subgroups, exhibitor presentations, poster sessions, networking opportunities, full-service Career Development Center, and numerous special activities and functions. Including 3 full days of exhibits showcasing your services, equipment, and supplies.   RPMC Lasers strives to provide laser diodes at an affordable price while also providing top-notch customer service. Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and … Read More

Eblana Photonics

  Eblana Photonics, located in Dublin Ireland, specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductor Discrete-Mode Laser Diodes (DFB-like). Eblana’s origins are in advanced research programs in photonics involving Ireland’s leading Universities and Research Centres including Trinity College Dublin and the National Microelectronics Research Centre. The company was founded in 2001 by Dr. James O’Gorman and Prof. John Hegarty both of whom had carried out research in lasers for data communications at Bell Laboratories. Eblana was established out of a common desire to commercialize a scalable laser manufacturing technology which had the capacity to drive down the cost of high performance, single wavelength lasers for diverse mass market applications.   Why Choose Eblana Photonics Delivering high-performance lasers for over a decade. Single … Read More

UV Nanosecond Lasers

  RPMC Lasers, Inc. offers a wide range of UV nanosecond lasers for a variety of applications including R&D, military, and industrial material processing.  The Quantas Series: The Quantas Series, from QLI, are available in compact, air-cooled packages at wavelengths down to 213 and 211nm, and pulse energies up to 6mJ.  Applications for the Quantas series include LIBS, Ti: sapphire pumping, remote sensing, Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy (TOFS) and many more. The Airtrac: The Airtrac, from Arete Associates, is the next generation of athermal lasers providing >70 mJ per pulse at 1064nm, and >15mJ at 355nm. This compact, lightweight and low power configuration provides high pulse energy and low beam divergence in a full system weighing less than 1.5 lbs.  The ultra-compact, lightweight, and low power … Read More

Laser Micromachining System

  The MicroMake is a compact, integrated laser micromachining system manufactured by Bright Systems, a Bright Solutions company.  The MicroMake Laser Micromachining System is a great fit for many high precision and high-resolution applications. The system includes all the needed devices for direct laser micro-processing in a single monolithic element. Live microscope imaging of the sample is offered during all process phases for alignment and immediate quality check. Typical applications of this compact system include controlled ablation, micro drilling, precision cutting, selective removal and direct 3D microfabrication. All these features suit perfectly a large variety of materials utilized in the fields of microelectronic circuits and display fabrication and correction, biomedical devices machining, optical substrates microprocessing.   Laser Micromachining System Features: Ablation and … Read More

Set up your appointment with RPMC Lasers for Photonics West 2018!

RPMC Lasers will be exhibiting at Photonics West 2018 in San Francisco, CA January 27 – February 1! Photonics West the world’s largest photonics technologies event. Every year over 20,000 attendees come to hear the latest research and find the latest devices and systems that use new technologies to enable advancements in translational biophotonics, global healthcare, understanding of the brain, new lasers for manufacturing, applications of 3D technologies, photonics-based consumer products, and more. To set up an appointment please email Dean Micke Visit us at Photonics West 2018 Booth # 1731! RPMC Lasers strives to provide laser diodes at an affordable price while also providing top-notch customer service. Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and … Read More

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Array Technology

  High Power Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Array Technology High power VCSEL arrays producing over 750 mW of continuous wave output power in standard TO-46 or TO-39 packages. TO package is ideal for laser illumination applications, producing unmatched low speckle and uniform illumination quality. Custom wavelengths and powers are also available   Features: Microlensed arrays available for higher brightness and narrower divergences Improved eye-safety from VCSELs over conventional laser diodes Very low speckle illumination quality Circular beam for easy coupling High reliability VPOWR A high-performance short-pulse laser source capable of over 50W peak powers in 10-50 nanosecond pulses. The VPOWR uses FLIR’s proprietary Vertical-Cavity, Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL)technology, which offers high peak powers and high-brightness in a circular output beam for unmatched … Read More

Femtosecond & Picosecond Laser Series for Biophotonics/Microscopy

Ultrafast Lasers for Biophotonics / Microscopy: Antares Altair Diadem These three robust, compact ultrafast lasers for an industrial grade design to maximize stability and performance, are an ideal solution for a variety of biophotonics applications.   ANTARES ALTAIR DIADEM Pulse duration 5 – 10 ps 150 fs < 400 fs Frequency 0 to 80 MHz 40 to 80 MHz 0 to 20 MHz Average power Up to 40 W Up to 20W Up to 30 W Wavelengths: 1030 -1070 nm, Green, UV (+ dual in option) (+ 920 nm in option) (+ dual in option) Applications Spectroscopy CARS FRET, FLIM, STED, OPO pumping Multiphoton Microscopy, Neuroscience OPA pumping, Multiphoton Microscopy, Neuroscience Electronically tunable  pulse duration X from 120 to 500 fs From < … Read More

1.5um Fiber Lasers / Amplifiers for the Autonomous LIDAR Industry

RPMC Lasers, Inc. provides compact 1.5µm fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers that can be configured to meet the demands of the autonomous LIDAR market. These robust, compact packages are primarily based upon BKtel’ s standard GFL fiber laser, GOA, and MOA fiber amplifiers.  Their ability to be tuned or customized, as well as their competitive price point and production capabilities, position them well in these high-volume markets that demand performance at a reasonable price. GFL series The GFL series is available with average powers up to 2W and pulse widths from 500ps to 30ns and rep rates into the MHz regime.  The GFL utilizes a compact design that will accommodate a wide range of customer requirments. GOA amplifier series The GOA amplifier … Read More

Laser Modules for Biophotonics – 375nm – 1064nm

Laser modules for Biophotonics typically require a precise wavelength, low noise, stable performance, and good beam parameters.  These lasers meet these requirements and offer one of the widest wavelengths selections available. CW Ultra Low Noise Laser Module benefits: Ultra Low Noise < 0.5% rms TEM00 circular beam Beam pointing < 5 μm/°C Fast TTL and analog modulation USB and RS232 computer interface Remote control box with power display (CDRH) The LBX laser modules are available in an “OEM” version, intended for system integration or in a “Plug & Play”, CDRH-compliant version for academic users. Available Wavelengths: • 266nm               • 553nm • 280nm               • 561nm • 375nm               • 633nm • 405nm            … Read More