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FL CW/CW Modulated SeriesCW Fiber lasers: Fiber lasers are a specific subset of DPSS lasers. However, instead of a crystal, they utilize a doped fiber optic cable as the gain medium. Typically, they utilize rare-earth elements like erbium, ytterbium, and neodymium as the doping agent.

Fiber lasers have several advantages over traditional DPSS lasers. These advantages derive from the geometry of the fiber optic itself. The geometry provides the innate ability to have an extremely long single-mode optical cavity. Therefore, it allows for the production of two main configurations. Firstly, it allows for extremely high-power, single-mode lasers producing unprecedented brightness. Finally, it allows for extremely narrow band lasers with near-perfectly single-frequency output.

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Our CW fiber lasers are available with options for single-mode or broadband, in wavelengths from 1060nm to 2050nm. Output power from 10s of milliwatts (10mW) to 100W and narrow linewidth options are also available. Finally, OEM laser packages and modules are available.

Our CW fiber lasers are used in applications like LiDAR, machine vision, particle measurement, and many more!

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FL CW/CW Modulated Series

FL CW/CW Modulated SeriesThe FL CW/CW Modulated Series offers a variety of standard and custom CW fiber laser options. Available in both OEM and Turnkey formats, our 1um, 1.5um and 2um fiber lasers are manufactured to Telcordia standards and can be modified to meet your applications requirements. With available powers up to 100W at 1um, 30W at 1.5um and 40W at 2um, our CW fiber lasers are suitable for a wide range of applications. Available options and configurations include narrow linewidth, single frequency outputs, C and L-band broadband sources, PM fiber options, power tunability and high-speed trig./mod. Customized configurations are available upon request.