Fiber Patchcords

Fiber PatchcordsThese high quality fiber optic patch cables are ideal for applications requiring optimum transmission in the UV-VIS (190 – 1250nm) or VIS-NIR (300 – 2400nm) range. These cables incorporate fused silica 0.22 numerical aperture fiber, sheathed in rugged PVC or stainless steel Squarelock armor, and are available in several lengths with SMA connectors. Operating temperature of –40° to +100°C.

Uncomplicated, robust and versatile Belden’s Fiber Patch Cords offer superior quality and performance. Our line of FiberExpress (FX) Patch Cords deliver a robust design to withstand the rigors of daily use in off-the-shelf, standard configurations and rapid, custom-tailored installations.

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