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Output power (W)

Pulse energy (uJ)

Pulse width

Rep rate

Q-switch type

Overview of Quantas-Q-SHIFT – Q-Switched Laser with Built-in Nonlinear Wavelength Conversion Stage

Quantas-Q-SHIFT Wavelengths vs Pulse Energy


The Quantas-Q-SHIFT family of Q-switched DPSS lasers feature a built‑in nonlinear wavelength conversion stage, allowing the production of wavelengths that are not accessible with conventional solid-state laser sources, including 1163, 1177, 1300, 1317, 1551 and 1571nm. An optional harmonics generator is also available for for the Q-SHIFT, allowing generation of up to the 4th harmonic for each fundamental wavelength.


This air-cooled series of lasers builds on the Q2 and Q2HE series and the guaranteed > 2 G shot lifetime, utilizing the same time tested Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers as pump sources. High-speed triggering pulses with RMS jitter > 0.5 ns with respect to Q-switch triggering edge of the pulse and both internal and external triggering make this laser ideal for a wide range of high-speed applications. The Quantas-Q-SHIFT laser is controlled via a built-in Ethernet port with the option to add Wi-Fi adapter, allowing users to monitor and control laser remotely.


Due to a short laser cavity and excellent thermal properties of the crystal, this series produces high peak intensity pulses (up to 50mJ @ 1163 or 1177nm), with typical pulse durations from 2-5ns, and a repetition rate up to 100Hz, even at visible wavelengths (blue, yellow and red) when the Quantas-Q-SHIFT laser is combined with our attachable SHG or stand-alone H-SMART harmonic generator. This laser’s functionality can be further extended by auxiliary equipment, including an attachable motorized attenuator for fundamental wavelength beam, attachable pulse energy monitor with analog and/or digital output, and a stand-alone two-channel pulse generator.

Quantas-Q-SHIFT Features:

•   1163, 1177, 1300, 1317, 1551 and 1571nm options

•   High peak power pulses up to 50mJ

•   High average power up to 1W

•   Air-cooled – water-free

•   High-speed triggering

•   >0.5ns RMS jitter


Feature Benefits:

•   Many wavelength options to match your application

•   High peak power pulses – successful, demanding applications

•   Guaranteed > 2 G shot lifetime – time tested reliability

•   Air-cooled, water-free design – lower CoO and less downtime

•   Ethernet interface – Easy Remote Control & Monitoring


Optional Equipment:

•   SHG – Second Harmonic Generator

•   H-SMART stand-alone harmonic generator

•   Motorized attenuator for fundamental wavelength

•   Pulse energy monitor with analog and/or digital output

•   Stand-alone two-channel pulse generator


Quantas-Q-SHIFT Target Applications:

•   Laser micro-machining – LCD repair

•   Laser Dermatology – Skin treatment, hair removal

•   Eye-safe LiDAR

•   Laser ablation & cleaning

•   Time-resolved laser spectroscopy

•   Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

The tables below show configurations by Wavelength, Rep. Rate, and Pulse Energy.

Check out the datasheet for expanded tables and more technical information.


1163 & 1177nm Basic Configuration Table:

1163 and 1177 Configuration Table

1300 & 1317nm Basic Configuration Table:

1300 and 1317 Configuration Table

1551 & 1571nm Basic Configuration Table:

1551 and 1571 Configuration Table