Multi Wavelength Laser Diodes

Multi-Wavelength Laser DiodeOur multi-wavelength diode lasers provide multiple CW wavelength output options from the same device. Furthermore, these multimode diodes are water-cooled with multimode fiber-coupled output. They utilize special fiber-coupling techniques, resulting in volume products with high efficiency, stability, and superior beam quality. The RPKMWM achieves this by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip into an output fiber with a small core diameter using special micro-optics, resulting in exceptional brightness. Additionally, all RPMC laser diodes go through an extensive inspection and burn-in procedures at each step of the production process, ensuring reliability, stability, and lifetime.

The RPKMWM is a Multi-Wavelength Detachable Diode Laser featuring a variety of wavelengths at 450nm, 635nm, 808nm, 980nm, or 1064nm and output powers from a 300mW to 25W. This high-power, water-cooled laser diode is ideal for applications in the medical industry.

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Picture Part Number Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Mode Output Duty Package
RPKDS3-51522-RGB 445, 525, 638 6.0, 8.0, 22.0 Multimode MM Fiber CW Fiber Coupled
RPKMWM Multiple Wavelength Options 0.600, 5.0, 15.0, 25.0 Multimode MM Fiber CW Fiber Coupled