LXCc Series

R2Z3-L4Cc Combiner

The LXCc series is a range of compact, highly customizable, and flexible all-in-one laser combiners that provide the widest variety of wavelength options, up to 7 different laser lines (up to 500 mW output power per line), direct modulation on every source, SLM capabilities, proven long-term stability, and many other advanced features. The turnkey or OEM versions allow a large choice of lasers from 375nm up to 1064nm. The extension module provides the ultimate level of flexibility with options for up to 4 optical fiber outputs, AOTF modulator, motorized ND filter, integrated fast switching output ports for FRAP, or adjustable split power for light-sheet microscopy. 

Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Mode Output
LXCc Combiners: Multi-Wavelength Combiners LXCc Combiner Combiners Multiple Wavelength Options 0.100, 0.200, 0.300, 0.400, 0.500 Single-Mode, Multimode PM Fiber, SM Fiber, MM Fiber, Free Space