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RPMC Lasers, the leading laser distributor in North America for over 20 years, offers Solid State Lasers, Amplifiers, Fiber Lasers, and Diode Lasers from the leading laser manufacturers, primarily in the US and Europe.
Technical Staff

We ensure you get the right laser for your application with our in-depth laser knowledge and our open, collaborative communication.

Wide Selection

We offer over 1,500 semiconductor and solid-state lasers from the industry-leading suppliers

Competitive Prices

We sell at the manufacturers’ standard price. Our cost is covered by our supplies and never our customers

Provides Solutions

We can supply what you need with our large network, whether it be a component, sytem, or custom unit

Trusted Partner

We want to help your program succeed with our just-in-time deliveries, buffer stock, and Demo unit

Preferred by Businesses

We are recognized as a preferred supplier by many manufacturers and customers for our fair prices, friendly staff, and our willingness to stand behind the products we sell.


Lasers 101

Selecting a laser source for your application can be overwhelming. There are many types of lasers and levels of integration to choose from, so it is important to know their differences and the impacts they will have on your project.


Formal articles which allow us to go into an even deeper dive than a traditional application note.


In our lasers blog, you can find the most up to date information about RPMC and the rest of the industry as well as a wide variety of laser applications and technologies.

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Our Key To Success
  • We offer same day response times for every inquiry
  • We support through the development and installation phases
  • We ensure total satisfaction throughout the buying cycle
  • We deliver products in a timely fashion
  • We are always working hard to be your preferred supplier

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