More than 1m

Coherence length is defined as the distance over which the laser beam can travel without experiencing a phase discontinuity.  This is a critical parameter in applications such as holography and interferometry where beams may be required be split with each leg going a long distance before being recombined.   The coherence length is directly related to the linewidth of the laser, and as a result, long coherence length lasers are almost exclusively single mode.   Here at RPMC Lasers, we offer a wide range of diode and diode-pumped solid-state (DPS) with a coherence length of more than 1m.  We offer a wide range of stabilization technologies including distributed feedback (DFB), distributed Bragg reflector (DBR), and volume Bragg grating (VBG) diode lasers as well as a wide variety of temperature and current stabilized DPSS solutions.

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