More than 1m

More than 1m Coherence Length Overview

Coherence length is defined as the distance over which the laser beam can travel without experiencing a phase discontinuity.  This is a critical parameter in applications such as holography and interferometry where beams may be required be split with each leg going a long distance before being recombined.   The coherence length is directly related to the linewidth of the laser, and as a result, long coherence length lasers are almost exclusively single mode.   Here at RPMC Lasers, we offer a wide range of laser diode and diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers with a coherence length of more than 1m.  We offer a wide range of stabilization technologies including distributed feedback (DFB), distributed Bragg reflector (DBR), and volume Bragg grating (VBG) diode lasers as well as a wide variety of temperature and current stabilized DPSS solutions.

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Matchbox Series

R1Z4-Matchbox Laser

The Matchbox series of compact laser diode and DPSS laser modules are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1064nm. Options include collimated beam or fiber coupled output, and single mode and multimode versions.

DX1 Series


The DX1 series is a tunable single-frequency diode laser in a compact turnkey laser system available in wavelengths from 1270nm thru 2300nm. Utilizing Eblana’s proprietary discrete-mode (DM) technology ensures excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR), without the mode hops inherent to most distributed feedback (DFB) lasers.

LaserBoxx SLM Series

The LaserBoxx-SLM Series is a single longitudinal mode (SLM) CW diode laser module available in wavelengths at 633nm, 785nm, and 830nm delivering ultra-narrow linewidths thanks to its excellent temperature stability and low noise current. The Oxxius proprietary, embedded firmware locks the laser on the same mode at each startup. This compact, self-contained laser module is available in turn-key or OEM versions and utilizes a proprietary alignment-free, monolithic resonator, and comes standard with a graphic user interface with remote diagnostics via USB, RS232, or direct I/O interface.