85mW Lasers

What are 85mW Lasers?

Lasers that designate 85mW of output power can have either CW (continuous wave) or pulsed output. CW Lasers are always defined in average output power. Pulsed Lasers with an output power defined in Watts or Milliwatts usually define the laser’s average power, not the peak power of the laser.

Our 85mW Laser Products

RPMC offers a couple configuration options for a single emitter, single-mode laser diode, emitting at 658nm, in a 5.6mm TO-can package, with 85mW of average output power, perfect for machine vision, optogenetics, and as an RGB laser source.

If you do not see the exact right configuration for you, please contact us at RPMC. We can often provide customization options to our standard products, and can even provide fully customized solutions for your specific needs.

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HL Series


The HL Series of laser diodes are available in a wide range of wavelengths from violet to red and infrared in support of a broad range of applications. These applications include display, medical, biosciences, industrial tools (sensor, leveler), machine vision, scanners, printers and a myriad of other applications being developed in the industry.

R Series

R Series

The R series of wavelength stabilized single mode and multimode laser diodes offer narrow wavelength spectrum in wavelengths from 633nm thru 1064nm. Package options range from components as basic as a TO-56 or 14-pin BF packaged diodes, to OEM modules including electronics, to UL/CE and IEC certified turn-key systems.