VCSELs Overview

VCSEL is the acronym of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser, namely vertical cavity surface emitting laser. VCSEL is a semiconductor laser diode based on GaAs and other semiconductor materials, which is different from other light sources such as LEDs (light emitting diodes) or LDs (Laser Diodes).

The most common light source on the market is LED light sources. VCSELs can be carried out by two-dimensional array so that a single chip can contain hundreds or thousands of individual light sources to increase maximum output power and long-term reliability. LED is usually used in the early stage of 3D induction technology. However, due to the lack of resonator, LED laser beams are more dispersed than VCSEL, and the coupling efficiency is relatively low. Moreover, as VCSEL has higher accuracy, smaller size, lower power consumption, and higher reliability, as such more and more 3D cameras are using VCSEL.


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