Laser Diode Stacks

Laser Diode Stacks

What are Laser Diode Stacks?

Laser Diode Stacks: In a laser diode bar, the individual emitting areas (emitters) lie side by side, separated by the non-emitting areas. These sets of emitting/non-emitting regions form the so-called active layer.

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JOLD-Stacks Series

The JOLDStacks Series offers a highly modular approach for power scaling well into the kW-range through vertical stacking of individual sub-mounts within multi-laser-bar packages. Our optimized beam quality (BPP) is achieved through our unique approach of reducing the pitch of neighboring stacks without compromising cooling capacity. Our proven hard-solder technology and strictly monitored production processes ensure tried & tested reliability under even the harshest environmental conditions. The series also features microchannel-cooled packages for CW-operation, actively cooled with deionized (DI) water.