Unpackaged Laser Diodes – Unmounted Laser Diodes & Bars

Unmounted Laser Diode Unpackaged Laser Diode

What are Unpackaged Laser Diodes?

Unpackaged laser diodes or unmounted laser diodes are single-emitter laser diode chips or laser diode arrays (laser diode bars) which are not mounted to a heatsink and lack any exterior packaging. There are instances in which unmounted laser diodes are preferred, to be mounted or packaged by the integrator.

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JDL Series

The JDL series offers industry-leading high-power unmounted laser diode bars in the 760 nm – 1060 nm spectral region. Our unmounted laser bars provide a wide range of emitter configurations and cavity lengths, with operational modes up to 500 W. We offer low fill factor bars suitable for fiber coupling, high-power bars up to 300W for CW or hard-pulse DDL applications, and QCW bars up to 500W for QCW or long-pulse optical pumping and medical applications.