Multiple Output Power Options Available

These lasers have multiple output power options available.

This Direct Diode Laser System makes it easy to develop new applications in material processing, medical therapeutics and pumping solid-state laser media. Delivering a huge selection of output powers from 2mW up to 200W,  coupled with a 50µm, 105µm, 106.5µm, 135µm, 200µm, or 400µm core. These lasers come with MM fiber, or SM fiber.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Mode Output Linewidth Pulse energy (uJ) Pulse width Rep rate
DS3: Fiber-Coupled Turn-Key Direct Diode Laser System RPKDS3 Turn-Key System Multiple Wavelength Options Multiple Options Available Single-Mode, Multimode SM Fiber, MM Fiber

RPK Series

The RPK Series of multiple, single-emitter fiber-coupled diode lasers are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1550nm with up to ≈ 500W output power. Our specialized fiber-coupling techniques ensure high efficiency, stability, and superior beam quality, while rigorous inspections and burn-in procedures guarantee each product’s reliability, stability, and long lifetime. Highly customizable packages allow us to meet our customers’ specific needs, providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.