Volume Bragg Grating (VBG)

Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) Laser Diodes Overview

Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) Laser Diodes. Narrow Linewidth. Many Wavelengths and Output Powers to choose from.

Volume Bragg Gratings is the wavelength stabilization of lasers, most often found on laser diodes. The grating is usually placed not directly in front of the laser diode but after a collimating lens. This is important for pumping of certain solid-state lasers, where the laser crystal exhibits efficient pump absorption only in a narrow wavelength range.

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K Stabilized Series


The K Stabilized Series of wavelength stabilized fiber coupled diode lasers are available in wavelengths from 793nm thru 976nm with up to 300W output powers. These multi-emitter high power and high brightness diode lasers include options for aiming beam, photo detector, TEC, fiber detector, thermistor and a variety of package types.

R Series

The R series of wavelength stabilized single mode and multimode laser diodes offer narrow wavelength spectrum in wavelengths from 633nm thru 1064nm. Package options range from components as basic as a TO-56 or 14-pin BF packaged diodes, to OEM modules including electronics, to UL/CE and IEC certified turn-key systems.