Brightlaser Lasers Overview

BrightLaserBrightlaser, founded in 2014, is becoming a global leader in VCSELs technology. Brightlaser possesses its own VCSEL intellectual properties in wafer design and advanced chip processing. Brightlaser, headquartered in Hong Kong, has a 160,000 sqft factory in Zhong Shan that offers state-of-art GaAs manufacturing techniques and the first 6-inch VCSEL chip fab, testing, & packaging line in mainland China.



VCSEL array

VD Series

The VD Series of Vertical Cavity, Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) emitters, and arrays are available in a wide range of output powers in wavelengths of 808nm, 850nm and 940nm.  Standard options include VCSEL, VCSEL w/ Diffusor, VCSEL & PD w/ Diffusor, and pulsed VCSELs.  These low-cost lasers are ideal for a wide range of consumer products.


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