Accessories Overview

We offer a wide selection of  laser accessories  including diode drivers (benchtop, OEM modules, and PC board), TEC controllers, Pockels cell drivers, laser heatsinks, raman probes, and fibers.

Electronics – Our broad range of desktop laser diode drivers are designed to meet your exact test needs, from 100 milliamps to 20 Amps.  They include unique features not found on competing products such as an optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs, programmable PD bias, and both RS232 and USB computer interfaces. They also have laser diode protection circuits such as interlock, ESD protection, and hardware limits for current and voltage.

Our OEM driver boards are an attractively priced solution for your pulsed, QCW, and CW laser needs. The standard products below represent statements of capability.  Most of our drivers for OEM production are customized to meet the requirements of the end user.

Heatsinks – Our Laser Diode Heatsinks and Mounts support many of the common laser diode packages including; Butterfly, DIL, C-mount, HHL (high heat load), TO-3, TO-5.6, and TO-9, and other packages.  Using state of the art design tools, these heatsinks and mounts have been optimized into a highly efficient heat transfer test bed,  improving upon the heat transfer found in most other mounts.

Our heatsinks for laser diodes feature both passive and active Peltier cooling solutions.  In short, passively cooled units conduct the heat away from the laser and dissipates it into the ambient air and actively cooled heatsinks utilizes a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to cool the laser diode package.

Raman Probe – RPMC Lasers is proud to introduce an ultra-high throughput integrated Raman probe. This novel device includes an integrated wavelength stabilized laser source with Raman filter packs, beam shaping optics, and high-efficiency Raman spectra collection optics. The Raman probe interfaces with any fiber coupled spectrometer to simplify operation and set-up.

The Integrated Raman Probe incorporates our wavelength stabilized hybrid external cavity laser (HECL) with a proprietary optical design to offer unmatched performance (typically 3x -5x over traditional Raman probes) at a reasonable price.

Fibers – We have a large selection of multi mode fibers in stock.  Call to verify availability.

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