TDM 3.0

Thin Disk Pump Module, 1030 nm, 940-969 nm pump wavelength, up to 3 kW pump power

Key Features:

  • Up to 3 kW pump power @ 940 nm – 969 nm
  • Thin Disk Gain Media not included
  • Compatible with TD20 Thin Disk Gain Media (TD12 optional)
  • Up to 12 mm pump spot diameter
  • 48 pass pump design
  • Common fiber interfaces: PT-B / PT-D / QBH / SMA
  • Special version allows up to 3 pump fibers
  • Symmetrical cooling avoids thermal misalignment
  • Water-cooled, astigmatism-compensated, and exchangeable collimation optics
  • Water-cooled and (except for aperture) sealed frame and optics (optionally vacuum-sealed)
  • Water-cooled and adjustable (angle and position) disk holder
  • Sensors: damage detection of optics NTC SHT21 water flow rate
  • Basic self status check, interface via CAN BUS
  • Laboratory version for R&D


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highly technical, mechanical set of components mounted to a black metal base TDM 3.0

Thin Disk Pump Module, 1030 nm, 940-969 nm pump wavelength, up to 3 kW pump power



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The TDM 3.0 Thin Disk Pump Module contains optics for guiding up to 3 kW of pump power multiple times over a laser active thin disk medium (Yb:YAG), such as provided by our TD20 or TD12 (optional) Thin Disk Gain Media components (not included – see our Thin Disk Gain Media Here). Maximum pump power is limited by the pump spot size / pump power density on the disk.

The module is designed to allow for 48 passes of pump light over the disk​. Due to its easy integration in a laboratory style laser setup and due to its many degrees of freedom for adjustment, the TDM 3.0 is recommended for a laboratory environment, especially for R&D projects.

The standard version supports pump power up to 3 kW at 940 nm or 969 nm. The coupling unit for pump fiber supports common fiber interfaces. It is designed for fiber delivered pump power with, supporting common fiber connectors. A specialized version allows for up to three pump fibers.

This module is compatible with our Thin Disk Gain Media components, such as our TD20-7 and TD12-7 (optional), allowing pump spot diameters of up to 12 mm and free aperture up to 14 mm. The size of the pump spot can be changed by exchange of the collimation unit​.

The TDM 3.0 module is symmetrically water-cooled to avoid thermal misalignment. The collimation unit is water-cooled, with astigmatism-compensated, easily exchangeable collimation optics.​ The disk holder is also water-cooled and allows for angle and position adjustments (± 1° horizontally, up to ± 3° vertically; adjustability limited for 48 pass version). Furthermore, the frame and optics are water-cooled and sealed (except for the aperture), with an option to be vacuum-sealed.

The module acts as a mini-clean room environment, with a positive internal air pressure, preventing dust from entering. It also comes equipped with multiple sensors: damage detection of optics + NTC + SHT21 + water flow rate, as well as a basic self status check with an interface via CAN BUS.

A high-power operation test is performed for each module before shipment.

These Thin Disk Pump Modules work perfectly with our Thin Disk Gain Media:

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