C-Mount Laser Diode Mount

Key Features:

  • Active TEC cooling
  • 25W Thermal Capacity
  • C-Mount package
  • Nitrogen purge
  • Solder-less connections


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C-Mount Laser Diode Mount



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The 242 TEC C-Mount LaserMount was designed for high power C-Mount applications needing active temperature control. With its large heat sink and integrated fan, the 242 can handle high thermal loads or broad temperature ranges.

The 242 also has an integrated fan for excellent thermal performance. When using the fixture with a 5300 Series TECSource, the 5300 has a built-in power supply for the fan, or a 2.3mm DC power jack on the side of the mount can be used (a suitable one is available in the accessories list).

The 242 laser diode C-Mount is a post-mounted fixture. A pedestal is included with the mount, but can be removed. ¼-20 and M4 threaded holes on the bottom of the mount can be used with alternate post mounts.

Mounting your c-mount device on the 242 is easy and requires no wiring. A pocked formed by a stainless steel alignment plate aligns the device, and a clamp makes electrical contact to the tail of the device.

The 242 features nitrogen purge for preventing condensation when operating below the dew point.

The laser driver and temperature controller connections are made through a DB-9 LDD and a DB-15 TEC connector on the back of the mount, which allows for quick connections to any Arroyo Instruments controllers.

The laser diode C-mount uses a 10K thermistor for temperature feedback.

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