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Night Vision

Night vision active imaging is a process that combines traditional infrared imaging, with time-of-flight (TOF) lidar to produce 3-dimensional images without the need for visible lighting.  Active night vision imaging is typically used in high-end surveillance for both military and commercial security systems.   In this application, night vision lasers are usually pulsed 1.5-micron sources with an internal photodiode.  The integral photodiode allows for the InGaAs camera to be triggered each time a pulse is fired, ensuring accurate TOF measurements.  Additionally, 1.5 microns is the ideal wavelength for night vision lasers because it is considered eye-safe, and therefore does not pose an optical hazard to any individuals who happen to pass through the beam path.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the night vision lasers we offer both diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) and flash lamp-pumped lasers, with either passive or active q-switching.

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BDL Series is a high power direct diode turn-key system available in wavelengths of 915nm or 976nm. This easy to integrate, OEM laser diode module provides up to 3kW of power and unprecedented brightness.



CLI Series is a high power, pulsed laser illuminator capable of up to 30 W of peak powers. Currently available in the NIR band at 808 and 860 nm, the CLI is controlled through a serial port and operates from 8 up to 1000 Hz. Various fixed beam divergences are offered as well. Designed for SWaP-sensitive platforms, the CLI provides speckle-free illumination through use of proprietary VCSEL technology in a passively cooled compact package.




CWV series is a high power Vertical Cavity, Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) array producing unmatched low speckle and uniform illumination quality in a TO package that is ideal for laser illumination applications. The CWV series is available with over 100 mW of continuous wave output power in standard TO-46 or TO-39 packages. Custom wavelengths and powers are also available




EP series is a tunable single-frequency diode laser available in wavelengths from 1270nm thru 2300nm. Utilizing Eblana’s proprietary discrete-mode (DM) technology ensures excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR), without the mode hops inherent to most distributed feedback (DFB) lasers.



HL Series of laser diodes are available in a wide range of wavelengths from violet to red and infrared in support of a broad range of applications. These applications include display, medical, biosciences, industrial tools (sensor, leveler), machine vision, scanners, printers, and a myriad of other applications being developed in the industry.



JDL Series of unmounted laser diode bars are available in CW or QCW configurations in wavelength from 760nm – 1064nm. Various emitter configurations and cavity lengths are available offering up to 200W CW and 500W QCW output powers



JOLD Series of high quality high power laser diode bar products ranging from packaged bars, microchannel cooled and conductively cooled stacks, and fiber coupled devices. Wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm.



K Series of multiple single emitter fiber-coupled diode lasers are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1550nm with up to 300W output powers. These multi-emitter high power and high brightness diode lasers include options for aiming beam, photodetector, TEC, fiber detector, thermistor, and a variety of package types.



LDX Series of high power multimode single emitter laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.



LDX-Bar Series of multimode laser diode bars packaged on the industry standard CS package. Wavelengths in the red and IR are available and the output power range from 10W to 100W.



LDX-FC Series of high power multimode fiber-coupled laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.



OT series of Erbium Glass lasers are ultra-compact, high energy q-switched, solid-state lasers that are well suited for rugged, field applications such as active night vision and rangefinding. These air-cooled lasers are available in both lamp-pumped and diode-pumped configurations, with passive and active Q-switching options. With over 10,000 units in the field, the OT series is a proven technology operating in some of the more challenging laser environments.



QCL series is a high power pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser based on proprietary technology which incorporates high-powered diodes (typically watt-level) emitting in the main transmission bands of the atmosphere (4.0µm, 4.6µm, 4.8µm, 9.x µm). The ITAR free MirSense technology exhibits outstanding performance in terms of power and wall-plug efficiency. This high-performance QCL assembly takes full advantage of MirSense’s state of the art technologies.




SM Series of high power single mode laser diodes in wavelengths of 795nm – 1064nm, are available in a wide range of output powers up to 450mW and package types ranging from chip on submount to 9mm package.




WSLD series of laser diodes, from WaveSpectrum, are available in a wide range of wavelengths, power levels, and packages. The WSLD wavelength options span from 405nm to 1920nm, with output powers in the range of 20mW to several watts, packaged in standard C, E, and H-Mount packages, as well as a variety of TO-can options.



WSLP series of fiber coupled laser diodes are variable in both multimode and single mode configurations, with wavelengths from 405nm thru the IR. The highly reliable WSLP series is suitable for a variety of applications such as biological and analytical instrumentation.


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