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Learn more about the Solid-State Lasers, Amplifiers, Fiber Lasers, Diode Lasers, and many more products available through RPMC, thanks to our trusted partnerships with industry-leading laser manufacturers. Click the company names below to learn more about each manufacturer and the product lines they offer.

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Arete logo dark teal with stylized A, triangle, Delta symbol

Ultra-Compact, Rugged DPSS Lasers

(US) 1064 & 532nm, Low SWaP, MIL-spec compliant, largely for government customers but with significant non-government potential. Custom lasers offered

Applications: bathymetry, designation, range finding, illumination, LIDAR, LIBS

BKtel logo with grey lettering, blue telecom symbol with yellow dotted line cross

Pulsed & CW Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers

(France) Leading manufacturer of low cost, lightweight, standard & custom, Telcordia grade Er: & Yt: 1, 1.5 & 2µm fiber solutions. OEM to fully turnkey

Applications: intra-satellite free-space communication, LIDAR, and telecom

turquois-blue rectangle bright microlaser logo with white lettering and white starburst symbol

Ultra-Compact Pulsed Laser Solutions

(Italy) Conductively cooled, passive q-switch DPSS microchip lasers from UV-IR for applications where size, ruggedness, cost, portability & performance are key!

Applications: LIDAR, 3D scanning, LIBS, remote sensing, Raman, 3D mapping

bright solutions logo with blue lettering and starburst symbol

State-of-the-Art Pulsed DPSS Lasers

(Italy) Air cooled, rugged, compact, short pulsed, high peak power ns/sub-ns lasers from UV to SWIR, with low pulse jitter and low total cost of ownership

Applications: LIDAR, bathymetry, LIBS, material processing, 3D scanning, military, medical

bright systems logo with blue lettering and starburst symbol

Fully Integrated Micromachining Systems

(Italy) Compact, monolithic, sub-ns DPSS lasers at 532nm & 266nm, >40kW peak power, up to 100mm/sec processing speeds, and live microscope for in process inspection & alignment

Applications: micro & nano-processing of advanced materials, glass, polymers & thin films

dausinger and giesen logo with stylized 'D + G' symbol

High-Energy Thin Disk Lasers Tailored to Your Exact Needs

(Germany) Leading edge and completely customizable thin disk laser systems at 343, 515, 1030 nm, thin disk gain media, pump modules & water-cooled mirror mounts

Applications: scientific & industrial applications from light-matter interaction to material processing

Robust, Truly-All-Fiber fs Lasers for Advanced Micromachining

(Poland) State-of-the-art, ready-to-use, maintenance-free, high-performance & environmentally robust 1030 nm ultrafast fs fiber lasers, oscillators & pulse characterizers

Applications: advanced micromachining, glass processing, and research applications

JENOPTIK logo blue rectangle with white letters

High-Quality Laser Diodes, Bars & Stacks

(Germany) High-power, multimode from 532-1470nm, Fiber-coupled, actively & passively cooled open heatsinks, laser diode bars (arrays) and stacks & 100W ns Fiber Lasers

Applications: medical, aesthetics, epilation, heat-treating, welding, DPSS laser pumping

simple red text LDX optronics Inc logo

Standard & Custom Laser Diodes in the USA

(US) Multi-mode single emitter Laser Diodes and Diode Arrays (Bars) 445nm – 1850nm, Custom packaging, C-Mount, Q-mount, D-mount, 9mm, HHL, and fiber coupled packages.

Applications: medical, dental, material processing, illumination, laser designation, biophotonics

Ultra-Compact & Low SWaP 1.5µm “Eye-Safe” Microlasers

(US) Specializing in “eye-safe” laser technology: ultra-low SWaP, robust, ns pulsed DPSS microlasers with high peak power & pulse energy, SS to 10Hz rep. rate & 10M shot lifetime

Applications: lightweight, handheld, and portable laser range finding applications

red text mirSense logo with stylized open iris aperture symbol

High-Power or DFB Quantum Cascade Lasers

(France) High-power (typically watt-level) QCLs emitting in the main transmission bands of the atmosphere (4.0µm, 4.6µm, 4.8µm, 9.x µm) as well as DFB QCLs in the LWIR region.

Applications: medical, dental, material processing, illumination, laser designation, biophotonics

neoLASE logo grey and lime green with laser beam connecting the two parts of the word

Highly Scalable & Flexible Laser Amplifiers

(Germany) 1µm OEM type, free-space and fiber coupled solid state optical amplifier systems to boost the pulse energy or average output power for a variety of applications.

Applications: medical, dental, material processing, illumination, laser designation, biophotonics

optogama logo black text with yellow right angle 'L' and circle symbol

Low SWaP, Robust, “Eye-Safe” 1.5µm ns Lasers

(Lithuania) SWIR DPSS ns pulsed lasers at the ‘eye-safe’ wavelength of 1.54µm Ultra-compact, highly efficient, robust, and competitively priced for portable, handheld applications in harsh environments

Applications: LIBS, LIDAR, and other metrology and imaging applications

gradient blue oxxius symbol stylized text

Advanced CW Modules & Wavelength Combiners

(France) Single-Mode and Multimode CW DPSS Lasers, Diode Laser modules, and Multi-Wavelength Combiners with exceptional beam parameters in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelength ranges

Applications: Many biophotonics, life science, spectroscopy & measurement applications

quantum light instruments logo with black text and black target box with light blue energy within

High-Energy Pulsed Laser Solutions

(Lithuania) High energy, low rep rate DPSS lasers at standard & non-standard wavelengths up to the 5th harmonic (210 – 4500 nm).  Pulse energies up to 120mJ, tunable OPO versions, many options

Applications: high precision, research, and materials processing applications

semiNex corporation logo with navy text and red laser swoosh over top with laser spark

High-Power Laser Diodes at 1470, 1550 & 1940nm

(US) High-power, thermally stable, and cost-effective line of InP laser diodes, triple-junction laser diodes, and semiconductor optical amplifiers available with wavelengths centered around 1470, 1550, and 1940 nm

Applications: range-finding, LIDAR, medical, telecom & industrial applications

Spectrolight logo red stylized 'SLI' with full name printed below

Innovative, broadband, tunable laser sources

(US) Ultra-broadband 410-2400 nm ps pulsed supercontinuum laser sources & 410-1700 nm tunable laser systems: tune power, wavelength & bandwidth, high-reliability, high-performance in a user-friendly all-in-one package.

Applications: hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy, inspection, sensor calibration & more