Diadem IR-10: Femtosecond Laser

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Overview of Diadem IR-10: High-power Femtosecond Laser

Spark Lasers, experts in mode-locked fiber lasers, offer the DIADEM IR series of compact femtosecond (fs) lasers for optogenetics and micromachining applications.  DIADEM is a very compact, high energy ultrafast laser for advanced micromachining applications needing short femtosecond laser pulse widths.  The DIADEM-IR10 offers 10µJ up to 1MHz, with pulses below 400fs and rep rate capability from single shot to 2 MHz with remarkable beam quality with M² < 1.2.  The DIADEM laser series combines the most advanced electronics for on-the-fly pulse control with a compact, user-friendly design that requires less than 5 minutes of set-up time.  The DIADEM IR has been specifically designed for demanding applications such as implantable medical device manufacturing, luxury watch manufacturing, consumers’ electronics and optogenetics applications for instrumentation and industrial 24/7 OEM working operations.


Harvard Medical School uses the DIADEM-IR mode-locked laser from Spark Lasers to facilitate cutting edge optogenetics research. To learn more about the use of these lasers for biophotonics click here.


Diadem IR-10 features:

  • 1030nm
  • 10W average power
  • 10uJ pulse energy
  • 350fs – 10ps adjustable pulse duration
  • Single shot to 2MHz
  • M2 < 1.2
  • Air-cooled


Diadem IR-10 applications:

  • Optogenetics
  • MicroMachining



  • 1064nm option
  • SHG, THG harmonics
  • Ultra Sync: low timing jitter for ultra accurate, on-demand pulse triggering
  • Extended PRF (up to 20MHz)
  • Fiber coupling