DPSS Amplifier, CW to ps Pulsed, 1030 nm, 5 W to 100 W, up to 5mJ

Key Features:

  • Wavelength: 1030nm
  • Output Power: 5 – 100W
  • Mode of Operation: CW to fs pulses
  • Beam Quality: TEM00 / M2 < 1.3
  • Easy and compact energy or power boosting – amplify your current system for new capabilities
  • Highly flexible and scalable amplifier units – modular platform enables many application possibilities
  • Proven long-term stability and industrial reliability – robust, stable, long lifetime for peace of mind


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neoYb neoYb

Solid-State Optical Amplifier, 1030nm, 5-100W, CW to fs pulses


10-14 weeks

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The neoYb is an OEM type solid-state laser amplifier module to boost the pulse energy or average output power for various applications. It is a stand-alone module containing an amplifier and pump diode and is based on highly reliable and long lifetime newLASE technology. The ultra-compact and nearly monolithic modules allow easy integration and cost effective upgrading of laser machines, scientific lasers or low power oscillators. It is the ideal power or energy booster for femtosecond laser systems. The neoLASE amplifier modules allow CPA-free amplification for bandwidth-limited pulses in the smallest available footprint. This enables high peak power short pulse pico- or femtosecond lasers for a wide range of micromachining applications without complex compressor arrangements. The high gain pre-amplifier module allows direct amplification of mode-locked oscillators or gain switched diodes. The main amplifier modules are an ideal power or energy booster stage exceeding 50W output power!


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