250 Femtosecond Lasers

These 250 femtosecond (fs) lasers offer incredibly high peak powers and are specifically designed for biophotonics applications such as multiphoton microscopy. The combination of ultra short pulse duration, high repetition rates and high average powers offers many benefits to researchers and OEM microscopy instrumentation manufacturers in the life sciences and biophotonics fields.  In addition, the fiber-based design ensures reliable and robust 24/7 operation, while the ultra-compact, air-cooled user-friendly package eases integration and reduces facility requirements.

Three different parameters determine the output power of a pulsed laser; the laser’s pulse width, the pulse energy, and the pulse repetition rate.  On this page for laser pulse widths, we have a list of all of the 250 femtosecond (250fs lasers) offered by RPMC.

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For reference:

A millisecond (ms or msec) is one thousandth of a second.
A microsecond (µs or µsec) is one millionth (10 -6 ) of a second.
A nanosecond (ns or nsec) is one billionth (10 -9) of a second.
A picosecond (ps) is one trillionth (10 -12 ) of a second or one millionth of a microsecond.
A femtosecond (fs) is one quadrillionth (10 -15 ) of a second
An attosecond is one quintillionth (10 -18 ) of a second.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the right femtosecond laser:

Picture Part Number
Altair: Femtosecond Laser Altair