SPARK Lasers

Spark Lasers develops, manufactures, and sells innovative and compact picosecond and femtosecond lasers to the worldwide Biophotonics and Micromachining markets. Our modular, highly versatile design allows for fast and easy integration and maintenance. Spark Lasers’ products offer a unique combination of performance and ergonomics thanks to the compact and robust packages and intuitive plug-and-play interfaces. Their high-quality standards, combined with the best photonics technologies available, enable them to deliver cutting-edge, compact, and affordably priced ultrafast lasers to both Life Science and Industrial experts.

At one-tenth the volume, twice the power, and half the cost, our fs Fiber Lasers are perfect replacements for old, outdated Ti:Sapphire lasers. With useful wavelengths like 920, 1040, and 1064nm, you aren’t paying extra for unnecessary wavelength tunability. With a compact, air-cooled, maintenance-free design, and an industry-standard beam height, you’ll see a fast ROI with less downtime and more room to breathe after easily dropping one of these plug-and-play fs Fiber Lasers into your old Ti:Sapphire laser footprint.

SPARK Lasers is flexible and quick to respond, with relatively short lead times, and they offer the highest-powered 920nm fs fiber laser commercially available. With many units performing in the field, SPARK is trusted by companies and research laboratories worldwide.

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Alcor Series


ALCOR is the most advanced femtosecond fiber laser emitting at 920 nm or 1064 nm specifically designed for multiphoton microscopy instrumentation and industrial OEM integration, working with 24/7 operations, in an ultra-compact, robust and air-cooled format. Featuring the Alcor 920 4W, with the highest average power commercially available, as well as the XSight and FLeXSight external modules, allowing for fine and fast gating and power control, and GDD precompensation.

Altair Series

Altair: Femtosecond Laser

The ALTAIR is an ideal solution for biophotonics applications such as multiphoton microscopy where deep excitation of red-shifted indicators such as RCaMP, dtTomato, and MCherry is required.  Providing <160fs pulses, average power up to 20W and peak power up to 1.5MW at 1µm, the ALTAIR is the preferred solution for both OEM and researchers in the microscopy and lifesciences fields.  The fiber-based design ensures robust and reliable 24/7 operation while providing supreme pulse quality from a user friendly, ultra compact air-cooled package.

Antares Series


ANTARES is a picosecond, quasi-continuous wave laser with a high repetition rate up to 80 MHz and a narrow linewidth, in a very compact and robust format. This laser series offers average powers of 1 to 40W at 1030 nm or 1064 nm (upon request) and can be doubled or tripled in the harmonics to answer even the most challenging industrial and scientific applications. ANTARES is ideally suited for applications such as CARS and spectroscopy applications.

Diadem Series


DIADEM Series is a compact, air-cooled, high energy ultrafast laser for advanced micro-machining applications that require short femtosecond pulse widths. The Diadem is available with up to 40µJ of pulse energy, 30W of average power, and operation up to 1MHz (standard), with pulses below <400 fs and an M² < 1.2. This laser has been specifically designed for demanding medical implantable device and electronics manufacturing as well as high peak power optogenetics applications.

Sirius Series

Sirius-532: Picosecond DPSS lasers

SIRIUS is a very compact, high energy hybrid ultrafast laser for advanced micro-machining applications and supercontinuum pumping, offering over 120µJ and > 5 W, with pulses below 10 ps from single shot to 1MHz and an M² of < 1.2. This laser series specifically designed to allow for ergonomic and user-friendly operation. SIRIUS is ideally suited for selective ablation, electronics, and photonic applications.