1540nm Lasers

What are 1540nm Lasers?

Typically, lasers within the wavelength range of approximately 1.4µm to 2µm are called ‘eye-safe’ (eye-safe lasers / eye-safe wavelengths). This is because wavelengths in this range are strongly absorbed in the eye’s cornea, protecting the sensitive retina, which is required for visual recognition. Therefore, erbium lasers and erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, which emit wavelengths around 1540nm to 1550nm, pose much less risk of critical damage to your eye and vision than lasers in the 1 µm range, for example.

We must note that while these laser wavelengths are generally considered to be ‘eye-safe,’ there are still risks associated with these lasers, and many factors contribute to this consideration, including optical power, optical intensity, beam divergence, and beam quality.

Our 1540nm Laser Products

These SWIR Lasers are high-energy, 1.54µm diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) devices.  These air-cooled, q-switched (active or passive) lasers are designed for high energy laser use in the field, specifically for use as laser transmitters, meeting or exceeding the MIL-Spec standard MIL-STD810 for vibration and both transportation and ballistic shock. These lasers are also guaranteed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 oC to 75 oC and are capable of handling temperature shocks from -45 oC to 85 oC.

All of these features make the OT-XX series a robust tool for applications like range finding, and active night vision.

For over 25 years, RPMC Lasers had provided high quality, 1540nm ER: Glass lasers for many different SWIR applications. We have over 10,000 ER: Glass units in the field, integrated into range finding systems, night vision, 3D scanning, and more.

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