WSLP-1470-005m-9-DFB: 1470nm DFB Laser Diode

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The WSLP-1470-005m-9-DFB is a Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Diode and one of the most competitively priced products on the market.   It offers high coupling efficiency for a 1470nm Pigtailed Laser Module with Single Mode or Polarization Maintaining Fiber, with an output power up to 5mW.

We adopt a unique technique to get high Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER), which is up to 20dB with Low Noise Laser Output.   With SM and PM Fiber, it provides a Gaussain Beam which is single Transverse Mode with an M2 value of less than 1.3.  Meanwhile, a TE Cooler and Photodiode is optional, we can integrate them into the Laser Module according to your requirements.

We also offer Customized Solutions for Pigtailed Laser Modules, such as Customized Wavelengths and Powers to meet your special needs.

To ensure long-term reliability, the WSLP-1470-005m-9-DFB laser diode undergoes rigorous testing; including aging and temperature cycling tests.