VD-0808P-010W-4K-2A0: 808nm VCSEL Diode

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Overview of VD-0808P-010W-4K-2A0: 808nm VCSEL Diode

VD-0808P-010W-4K-2A0 from BrightLaser, is a high power, 10W, 808nm, Vertical Cavity, Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) array technology offered in a T-Mount package.  The VD series is ideal for laser illumination applications, producing unmatched low speckle and uniform illumination.

BrightLaser offers high power VCSEL arrays at 808, 850, 940, and 980nm with powers in the mW to tens of Watts range, with a wide range of packages with custom wavelengths and powers available upon request.

VD-0808P-010W-4K-2A0 Features:

  • 10W of average power at 808nm
  • T-Mount Package
  • Beam angle: 30˚
  • Single wavelength
  • Good Thermal Conduction
  • Short rise time
  • Oxide isolation
  • Wide operating temperature range -40C – +~85C
  • High reliability, 50,000+ hours lifetime
  • Very low speckle illumination quality
  • Easy to collimate

VD-0808P-010W-4K-2A0 Applications:

  • 3D sensors
  • ADAS
  • LiDAR
  • Military Applications
  • IR Illumination