LTC-OSE-1265-1725: BeST-SLED 1300nm 1390nm 1480nm 1550nm 1615nm 1680nm

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LTC-OSE-1265-1725: BeST-SLED ® Optical Spectral Engine: 5 SLEDs: 1300nm, 1390nm, 1480nm, 1550nm, 1615nm, and 1680nm, PM Fiber


Spectral Coverage: 1265nm -1725nm, FWHM: 460nm, CW: 1495nm, Fiber Output Power >40mW

The Luxmux Broadband source (BeST-SLED ®) combines up to 6 light sources into a single spectrum product. Subsequently, the system provides individual control of light sources, through a digitally controlled interface. The ISB is designed to offer up to 19 spectral combinations. As a result, this creates a compact and powerful unit that can widen the performance of its intended application use. The light source has an integrated Thermoelectrical Cooler (TEC) and thermistor, with an external readout. Therefore, allowing you to have total temperature control.


Certainly, Luxmux’s Spectral Stitching technique, integrating multiple wavelengths into a single broad-spectrum, is designed for optimum coupling efficiency into a single-mode fiber. Furthermore, these compact, high-bandwidth modules provide the optimum power and highest optical density bandwidth in a single fiber system in the industry. As a result, this brings exceptional flexibility and usability to the sensing marketplace.


Finally, the BeST-SLED ® product lines can be spectrally tailored to suit specific application needs. Therefore, providing exceptional flexibility and usability, making these sources ideal for:

  • Optical component Testing
  • Telecom Test Equipment
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • White Light Interferometry
  • Optical Sensing
  • Research and Development


LTC-OSE-1265-1725: BeST-SLED 1300nm 1390nm 1480nm 1550nm 1615nm 1680nm – KEY FEATURES

  • 5 Superluminescent Diodes (SLEDs) in a single package
  • Fiber Coupled Output Power of >40mW
  • Bandwidth FWHM>460nm, @10dB >490nm
  • The best combination of power and spectrum width in multi-SLED modules
  • Each SLED comes with a built-in independent monitor photodiode
  • Internally Optimized for maximum coupling efficiency with PM1550-XP Fiber
  • Light Output: FC/APC Connector (Optional FC/PC or SMA)
  • CW operation (Excellent Stability < 0.1dB)
  • Spectrum Ripple:   Standard Performance < 0.45dB | Enhanced Performance < 0. 30dB | High Performance < 0.15dB
  • RIN typical -130dB/Hz
  • Operating temperature -40˚C to 60˚C


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