Akela Laser

Akela Laser

Akela Laser Corporation is a leading high power diode laser manufacturer specializing in custom laser assemblies that offer a combination of any desired wavelengths ranging from 375nm to 12 microns and output power up to 1kW.

We start with the source—the laser diode. We learn how our customers want to use our devices and design a complete solution—thermally, optically, electronically. This holistic approach ensures a successful design that meets customer requirements.

Our designs are based on telecom structures that provide high power, brightness, and long life (MTBF).  Our design capability spans the visible (375nm to 730nm) and near-infrared (750nm to 1080nm) based on gallium arsenide and through the indium phosphide region (1200nm to over 2 microns).

We use the latest in hard solder techniques to mount our diode lasers on thermal expansion matched sub-mounts.

We can custom design laser drivers and TEC controllers and integrate them into our products, reducing system costs and footprints and ensuring proper safety and operating conditions for the lasers.

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