Texturing Lasers

Laser texturing is the process of engraving the negative image of an intricate design into a mold to produce an end product with a raised decorative patterned surface.  This allows molded parts to mimic the look of leather, wood, and other materials.  Laser engraving the interior of the mold instead of chemically etching it, not only eliminates the need for hazardous, corrosive chemicals, but it also allows for the process to be completely digitized.  This process provides for texturing lasers to be directly linked through a computer interface, allowing for an image to be textured onto a molded part.  Texturing lasers can vary in wavelength depending on the mold material, but they all require a high single spatial mode beam profile since the size of the focused spot will determine how fine of detail can be textured onto the part. On this page, you will find a list of all the texturing lasers we offer including fiber lasers, and high energy flashlamp pumped laser systems.

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