351nm Lasers

What are 351nm Lasers?

351nm Lasers emit laser light in the ultraviolet (UV) regime. Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Lasers is the third harmonic of Nd:YLF laser material at 1053nm.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Mode Output Linewidth Pulse energy (uJ) Pulse width Rep rate
Quantas-Q2-351: High energy, compact, nanosecond, DPSS laser Quantas-Q2-351 Pulsed DPSS Lasers 351 0.024, 0.045, 0.090, 0.180, 0.240 2400.0, 4500.0, 9000.0, 18000.0, 24000.0 5ns, 7ns, 8ns 10Hz, 20Hz, 33.3Hz, 50Hz
Quantas-Q2HE-351: High energy, compact, nanosecond, DPSS laser Quantas-Q2HE-351 Pulsed DPSS Lasers 351 0.350, 0.600 12000.0, 30000.0, 35000.0 6ns 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz

Q2 Series

Quantas Q2 QLI

The Q2 series is a diode-pumped, fully air-cooled, Q-switched laser designed for a wide range of applications that require high peak power pulses. Its innovative water-free laser crystal end-pumping technology produces Gaussian-like, low divergence laser beams with high peak powers, allowing for efficient harmonics conversion through the 5th harmonic. This versatile platform can be configured in many ways, including up to 80mJ pulse energy at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate or up to 20mJ at 100 Hz. The laser can emit either 1053 nm or 1064 nm wavelength, and in the short cavity configuration, pulse duration can be reduced by 50% in comparison to standard configuration. 

Q2HE Series

Quantas-Q2HE-211: High energy, compact, nanosecond, DPSS laser

The Q2HE series is a highenergy, q-switched, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser series, available in either 1053nm or 1064nm fundamental wavelengths, with optional 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th harmonic generation. This air-cooled series of lasers is designed for a wide range of applications that require high peak power pulses. Due to a short laser cavity, excellent thermal properties of the crystal, and an innovative water-free crystal cooling technology, the Q2HE series can deliver up to 120mJ of pulse energy and/or up to 4W average output power. This advanced laser design results in a compact, user-friendly turnkey system that requires little maintenance.