351nm Lasers

351nm Lasers emit laser light in the ultraviolet (UV) regime. Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) 351nm Lasers is the third harmonic of Nd:YLF laser material at 1053nm.

These high power, nanosecond lasers are available with either free space or fiber coupled outputĀ and a variety of pulse energies depending on the applications needs.

Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Mode Output Linewidth Pulse energy (uJ) Pulse width Rep rate
Quantas-Q2-351: High energy, compact, nanosecond, DPSS laser Quantas-Q2-351 Pulsed DPSS Lasers 351 0.200, 0.500, 0.600, 1.0 300.0, 3000.0, 12000.0, 15000.0, 18000.0, 20000.0, 30000.0 5ns, 6ns, 7ns, 8ns 10Hz, 20Hz, 33.3Hz, 50Hz
Quantas-Q2HE-351: High energy, compact, nanosecond, DPSS laser Quantas-Q2HE-351 Pulsed DPSS Lasers 351 0.350, 0.600 12000.0, 30000.0, 35000.0 6ns 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz