236.5nm Lasers

What are 236.5nm Lasers?

236.5nm Lasers, specifically Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers, utilize fourth harmonic generation of Nd:YAG laser material at 946nm. Given a particular laser, with a particular fundamental wavelength, fourth harmonic generation is less efficient and cannot achieve the same energy levels compared to its lower-order harmonic counterparts.

These passively Q-switched, 236.5 nanometer microchip lasers are available with a free-space output and a variety of pulse energies depending on the applications needs.

Microchip Lasers and micro-Lasers are suitable for many applications. Some of these include “seed” pulses for amplifier Laser systems, marking, scribing, LIBs, fluorescence measurement, ranging, biomedical and photonic instruments.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Pulse energy (uJ) Pulse width Rep rate
Bright Microlaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-236.5 Pulsed DPSS Lasers, Microchip Lasers 236.5 0.001 0.200, 2.0 2ns 500Hz, 5kHz

Microchip Series

Bright Microlaser Microchip SB1 Laser

The Microchip Series, from BrightMicroLaser, are ultra-compact, passively q-switched, single longitudinal mode (SLM), narrow linewidth, DPSS lasers that feature pulse durations from 400 ps to 2 ns, energy levels up to 80 uJ and repetition rates up to 100 kHz. In addition to the fundamental 1064 nm wavelength and its harmonics (532, 355 and 266 nm), we also deliver units emitting at 946 and 473 nm.