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Single Mode Laser Diodes

Single Mode Laser Diodes

RPMC Lasers Inc. offers the following types of single mode laser diodes:


Applications where high output power is not an issue, but a good, diffraction-limited beam is essential; our single mode laser diodes are the way to go. We offer wavelengths ranging from 405nm-2020nm in free space and fiber coupled packages, as well as DFB & stabilized diode lasers (single longitudinal mode) with powers ranging from 1mW – 600mW. Typical applications for these diodes include fiber optics, Raman Spectroscopy, and optical storage.


GOA Optical Amplifiers

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Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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