Laser Diode Line Module, High Power, 405-1060nm

Key Features:

  • 405nm to 1060nm
  • Uniformity up to 95%
  • Power up to 200mW
  • Focus external adjustable
  • Boresight Accuracy <2mrad

The RHAML-XXXX-YY-Z Series line laser module is highly useful in machine vision. RHAML-F has a great impact on 3D vision systems, and delivers an impeccable laser illumination source using a uniform and stable output beam. RPMC offers laser diode modules from the HAML-F series many applications. The applications are very compact, reliable and features easy focus adjustments. Additionally it fulfills the IP67 requirements, which allows the RHMAL-XXXX-YY-Z to work effectively in harsh environmental conditions.



Wavelength (nm)

Output power (W)




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