VCSEL Diode, CW, 808nm, 2W

Key Features:

  • Up to 2W of power at 808nm
  • Low wavelength drift
  • Ask about package options
  • Single wavelength
  • Small emission area
  • Oxide isolation
  • Wide operating temperature range -40C – ~85C
  • High reliability
  • Easy to collimate


There are many configurations and options available. If you do not see exactly what you need below, please contact us!

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R0Z9-Image-TO-46 VD-0808C-015M-5I-2A0

VCSEL Diode, 808nm, 15mW, TO46 Package, Substrate NiFe (Minimum 100 Pieces)


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R0Z9-Photo-3535-vcsel VD-0808I-002W-1C-2A0

VCSEL Diode, 808nm, 2W, 3535, Package, Substrate AIN (Minimum 10 Pieces)


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VD-0808-CW from RPMC, is a high power, up to 2W, 808nm, CW Vertical-Cavity, Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) diode technology. Talk to a Product Manager about packaging options for this brand new VCSEL.  Up to 2W of power at 808nm makes this VCSEL an ideal solution for scanning LiDAR, solid-state source pumping, laser machining, 3D sensors, and cosmetic applications.

RPMC offers high power VCSEL arrays at 808, 850, and 940nm, with powers in the mW to tens of Watts range, with a wide range of packages with custom wavelengths and powers available upon request.

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