Laser Diode Module, High Power, 405-1060nm, Temperature Stabilized

Key Features:

  • Manual wavelength control
  • Laser switch on/off: Direct or reverse by TTL signal
  • Analogue modulation up to 100kHz
  • Digital modulation up to 1MHz
  • Output power adjustment by integrated potentiometer
  • Extra heatsink

The laser modules of the RML2540-Series deliver high output power up to 2W and are ideal for industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions. The offered wavelengths range from 450nm to 1060nm. Apart from round and line beam, other beam shapes like grids, circles or line and dot arrays are available. The line beam has a sharp rectangular shape with homogenous power distribution along the line. The housing has a small footprint the size of 2 match-boxes, is electrically isolated and satisfies the protection class IP65 (IP67 optional) conditions. TTL modulation up to 1MHz and analog modulation up to 100kHz are optionally available. The power stability is <±0.5% over 24 hours.



Wavelength (nm)

Output power (W)






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