RHAML-XXXX-YY-Z-E: 405-1060nm Line Laser Diode Module

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RHAML-XXXX-YY-Z-E: 405nm-1060nm Line Laser Diode Overview

The RHAML-XXXX-YY-Z-E Series line laser module is a user focus adjustable laser diode that features a crisp, uniform line with sharp ends, useful when mounted off-axis to projection plane. These modules are optimized for line uniformity (up to +/-15%) and long depth-of-field or small line thickness. Crucial for machine vision applications, especially in 3-D vision systems. This compact laser is fully IP67 compliant, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions and industrial use. The RHAML-E offers the option for the driver to be in a separate housing.


RHAML-E Features:

  • Plug and Play system
  • Available with blue, green, red and infrared output
  • User adjustable focus
  • ESD Protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • No technical laser experience is required

RHAML-E Applications:

  • Machine vision
  • Industrial inspection
  • Quality control
  • High-end alignment
  • Metrology